Mister Miracle

Working my way through Tom King’s “Mister Miracle”, wanted to know peoples thoughts since King seems to be a very divisive writer. I’m enjoying the fresh narrative, Doc Shaner’s glitch art is excellent, but I do think it might have gone a little far with the hero deconstructionism.


He wasn’t always divisive. His work at Marvel is more or less universally acclaimed. He’s done some stuff with characters here that doesn’t get the approval of all fans. I personally believe MM is one of the best things from DC in the last 5 years.

Also check his Omega Men.


This is maybe my favorite comic ever made.

It deals with depression and mental health in a way that I have never seen any other comic do so deftly and emotionally. It made me cry numerous times, and the art by Mitch Gerads is stunning.

The way it cleverly integrates Fourth World concepts with genuine, heartfelt treatises on what it means to have depression and social anxiety (the Anti-Life Equation being literalized PTSD, for example, or “Darkseid is.” appearing in a panel where Scott is reminded of his time on Apokolips) is beyond compare, and every character feels like a real human, even if biologically speaking, they aren’t.

Which reminds me of the central relationship of the book.

Scott and Barda might be the best couple in comics. Their interactions are so well thought out and affecting that you would be forgiven for reading the book and finding yourself feeling like you have awkwardly walked in on the couple next door. The issue where Jacob is born is endlessly touching and charming, and every “I love you” in the book is meant.

To touch on the topic of superhero deconstructionism, Mister Miracle is not that. It’s human deconstructionism. It’s breaking us apart and trying desperately to understand what makes us tick in this crazy hell that we’ve created for ourselves. New Genesis is the lie of a better future. Apokolips is the truth of our traumatic pasts. And Earth is where we try and get by, day to day, living and loving our fellow humans.

Plus, not to spoil anything, the last page is a perfect conclusion to the themes of the series, and there isn’t a thing I’d change about the book.


This series still isn’t on Universe yet, right?



A few fitles will not be on.DC Universe because DC Comics knows they sell well in.Trade Format

Mr Miracle
Batman White Knight
Probably DCeased


The Killing Joke too

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That is a Graphic Novel

DC Comics allowed no Graphic Novels including the Earth One Titles.

To be on DC Universe Titles must be single issues sometimes called floppies.

Dark.Knight Batman Year One etc were all single issue titles

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@JulianPope I loved it! I thought it was a very good and fresh take on the character(s). The art was perfect for the story. I thought he captured Scott and Barda’s relationship in a real way. Their love and dedication to each other screamed off the page to me. I think Jack “The King” Kirby would be very proud.


That stinks that it isn’t on here. It does have a lot of crossover appeal I guess. Then again I felt the story worked better in the final issues being familiar with New Gods. Just me?


I liked this take on Mister Miracle, but nowhere near as much as others do.

The Omega Men, that was a great read and easily the best new title to come out of DC You.


I think you put into words almost exactly what I felt about the series. Especially about the deconstruction aspect. I think the Fourth World is an appropriate setting for a deconstructive, surreal story because it’s already composed of these larger than life characters that are a weird blend of human and utterly alien characteristics.


@Vroom the Omega Men was sooooo good. Easily best new title.


I loved Tom King’s “mister miracle”, and having been into dc for 2 years now, it helped draw me into to dc more.


I agree with what @Batwing52 says. It is a perfect comic in my opinion, and Tom King’s best work. He can be a little divisive because of his work on Batman, but that’s because he lost his vision half way through the story, but with Mister Miracle, he kept it clean and clear of any crazy things that may trip it up. The topic of PTSD, Depression, and Scar’s never really healing work very well in the series and are weaved carefully into the story to create a very human and relatable character. (Everthing in @Batwing52 post is why I love the series, read his full thing) I hope that this series will effect all other versions of Mister Miracle from here onward.


It’s really a one shot but it’s still a best seller so makes sense that they wouldn’t have it on here.


Indeed. I’m now re-reading The Omega Men again, thanks to the mentions of it in this thread.