Mister Miracle and Barnes &Noble.

If you’re looking to buy the trade of the recent Mister Miracle mini-series, you might be interested in picking up the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition.

Right now it’s on sale for $19.99, features exclusive front and back cover art by Mitch Gerads, an introduction from Tom King and Gerads and the script for issue #1 (which was also available in the Director’s Cut of #1 I believe).

Twenty bones for a twelve issue mini is a pretty solid deal, so I figured others might be interested in this edition. It wasn’t until I saw the book on the shelf that I knew B&N had an exclusive.


Thanks for the heads up!!! I’ll be picking that soon.
You’re the real MVP my friend

I did it a nab!

I’ve been waiting to pick up Mr. Miracle anyway, but it was 20% off since it was in the new releases. Holy crap is this thing gorgeous. Mitch Gerads knocked it out of the park

Congrats on the find! This is a gorgeous series. I’m only on #2 ATM, but it’s already very impressive.

King also posted on Twitter and IG today that the B&N Exclusive label was printed directly on the cover in error; it actually should’ve been a sticker. I doubt it’ll impact value (though I’m sure resellers will try), but kind of cool if you’re into collecting books with errors and whatnot.

Not that you should need another reason to grab a copy.

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I was actually wondering about that. How cool!

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Well that’s neat. This trade just keeps proving its worth.

I used to have the B&N exclusive edition of All-Star Batman volume 1 and I thought the B&N exclusive label was printed on its cover too. That kind of thing probably varies by book.

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The B&N exclusive label is printed on the cover of Batgirl Rebirth Vol1 also. It should be a sticker like on novels but at the same time I’m not sure if bothers me enough to care one way or the other. I can completely understand people not like the printed label and I think you have every right to complain about it. I

By the way I sorta know what the story is about and I’m not sure I care to read it. Is this a you need to read it for yourself or a if you don’t like the idea don’t waist your time?

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@LPC76, for me MM was an eventual Must Read because of my adoration for the titular character.

I’d say it’s based on your level of interest in Mister Miracle as a character. If you really dig him, jump in and get your read on. If he’s an “okay, but not imperative” character to you, then read this mini-series when you’ve the time for (and sustained interest in) it.

The Barnes and Noble exclusive is the only reason one like should I get this or just wait. I actually really like Mister Miracle but I’m not sure I like the idea of the story I guess you could say.

That should be I’m like not one like.

@vroom and LPC

That’s interesting, I hadn’t realized it was printed on those too. I actually wouldn’t have given it a second thought since the Eisner Award label is printed on it too, had Tom not posted that he was informed it was an error.