Mister Miracle (2017)

Is Mister Miracle (2017) on here, because I can’t find it.

DC Comics did not allow
DC Universe
To get it
Because it was a best seller
In trade
And making money
For DC Comics

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That really is a bummer, it doesn’t really make sense that they can’t have that on here but they can have things like hush for the same reason

If I had to guess, Hush is possible because it was part of the regular Batman series.
It wasn’t a stand alone mini-series, rather a storyline running through the main book.

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If you have a library card, see if your library is affiliated with Hoopla. It’s a free service that lends books, movies, and comics. They have a lot of the stuff DC Universe doesn’t (including Mister Miracle).


It is available now (2021). Agree with previous posts that they probably had to unload as many Deluxe hardbacks before tossing it up digitally.