Missing my JSA

Am I the only one who misses the JSA?
Anyone else does and who were your favorite?

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Wesley Dodds and Wildcat. Love Wildcat and he didn’t last long in Arrow. That was a bummer. The JSA also had bad luck in Smallville and I binged the whole series because I knew there would be some cameos. I liked the Doom Patrol in Titans because of that vintage vibe.

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Wildcat and Power Girl

Definitely missing them. They had good arcs and were always prominent in the big crisis events.

Yeah that first Rebirth story kind of promised a returning JSA, but with the dark cloud that’s recently fallen over the DC Universe titles, the JSA might just be too bright and hopeful an offering at this time. Pity.

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Dark cloud? Do you mean the whole Nolan Frank Miller influence? I know this is a little random, but I’m tired of poor lighting to depict grittiness and realism. I recall scene in Daredevil where a working hospital corridor seemed to be lit by solar yard lights from Dollar Tree. Yes, there were villains near by, but there was nothing to indicate they were messing with the lights. Makes some shows hard to watch on a sunny day. Sorry about the rant.