Missing content

I haven’t subscribed yet only because I wanted to research/ see what kinda of content this subscription has. After seeing that there are no graphic novels, and at least 1/2 of the movies and TV shows are missing, it makes me wonder… should I subscribe to this? I am happy to see that they have Batman & Superman animated series, but they are missing things like Batman year one (graphic novels and movie) also, they have Constantine, but no arrow verse shows. For someone who has the subscription, please let me know if you are satisfied enough to recommend it someone else and if it is worth it $75 every year.

If you read comics alot and if you want to watch great originals you can’t watch anywhere else its worth it if you don’t care about that stuff I wouldn’t get the service

Or you can do what I’m sure some people do wait for all episodes of the show you want to watch to drop sub for a month and binge that’s how them cancel

Also FYI every cw show is on Netflix and it and each season drops like a week after the finale airs so if you got Netflix np finding those shows

Come back in 3 weeks!!

Community 2.0 update should be enough incentive to stay. And some of Swamp Thing and the rest of Young justice will be on here.

First off they do have Batman Year One… it is just in the original Batman issues (Batman 404-407). Also they do rate some movies out and have had Batman Year One on here in the past, so it likely will be on here again for whatever that is worth.

As for if this is worth it… I think it is for sure. They don’t have the graphic novels as such but with some exceptions most of the main DC Graphic Novels are on here as their original isues such as with batman Year one. And they have the entire main DC library (admittedley with some exceptions but most are here) so this is the biggest selection of DC Comics you will get for a monthly subscription anywhere. And while we can point out some stuff missing, it is still more then any of us could ever read, with new comics added every week.

They also do not have every movie I admit (although new ones are regularly rotated in) but they do have the new DC Animated movies dropped on here the same day they are released on DVD/Blue-Ray which is a hell of a good turn around. As well as some most of the past non-current DC shows (yes Smallville and a few others are sadly not here, but most past DC shows not currently airing or just ending are on here). Plus the first season of Krypton and some great originals to boot with more coming.

Yes this doesn’t have everything, 22,000+ comics are a LOT but some stuff is missing mostly due to it being an imprint or not in the archive at all for DCU to put on here. And due to existing deals with other services the Arrowverse, Gotham, Smallville, Luther, Preacher and iZombie AkA the newest DC tv series are not on here. And the DCEU isn’t on here either as they are I believe on HBO. So this will likely never be an archive of everything DC.

But for what you are paying it is a hell of a value for what you do get. maybe take a montly subscription for a month or two to feel it out, then subscribe for the yearly porice if you like what you see might be the better way to go about it. But definitely think if you are a DC fan and don’t go in just looking to find what they don’t have on here you will be very happy with what you get.

This is nitpicky, but both Constantine and The Flash 1990 are part of the Arrowverse, so it is inaccurate to say that there are no Arrowverse series on here.