Missed Chances for Legends of Tomorrow

I love Legends, but sometimes I notice that they go to certain time periods and miss a chance to bring in a DC character. I have a couple of examples, does anyone else have any?

  1. They went to World War I; could have used Enemy Ace.
  2. They went to the Revolution and met George Washington. Perfect spot to bring in Tomahawk.

Any other ideas?


It feels like this season they’ve kinda gotten away from the DC lore and are leaning more towards being a comedic sci fi show with random monsters. They even said as much when they did interviews about not being a part of the last crossover.

Which I have mixed thoughts on cause I still love the show, but I do miss the superheroey stuff.

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It also seems like they haven’t interacted much with historical figures this season either. There have been a few, but even then it seems like the Time Bureau related stuff gets more focus. Hopefully next season there is a return to the style of seasons 2 and 3.