Miss Wolf - Watch Club announcement (#3)

No hate on our fellow member, @MattMcDonald.
He runs a really swell book club I hear. But I yet have tried it out. Big shout out to him, for being such a big community member!
But just to make sure that we are not completely, and utterly copying his brilliant idea, I thought. Well, everyone likes Movies, and TV shows. Then I was like, “Hey! DCU has those!”
So as you can tell from the title, this will be the watch club! I hope that this isn’t rocking the boat, or is to simmalar for @MattMcDonald. But I hope to see you guys go on to enjoy the watch Club. As this is just an announcemen, I will not be giving away our Watch Club content for the week. Get ready for it though!
I will be announcing the content tommorow, so be sure to look for the post Miss Wolf - Watch Club content (week 1)
I hope that you guys are getting hyped up. Leave comments in what you believe we should watch, although I am NOT accepting rated R movies.

Hey guys! Happy to say that the film has been chosen! Check out my new thread to see the deets!

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