Misfit Comic Books - Elseworlds for the Real World: "What if the DC IMPLOSION never took place?"

Once upon a dark and stormy night, well, a couple of dark and stormy winters, in a strange, ugly world called the 1970’s-- two massive snow storms nearly brought the publishing world to its knees. Distribution of books and magazines basically collapsed when planes and trucks didn’t go out on time-- and millions of pounds of paper got sent back or left to rot-- the system at the time was that bad. Comic books were not exactly high in the pecking order, and eventually, lower priority trucks made it to the handful of burgeoning comic book stores-- and direct sales became a boon in a time of chaos. At that same time, DC Comics publisher Jennette Khan had a massive new initiative under way-- bigger books, both Dollar Comics-- magnificent creatures-- and regular books expanded out by 8 pages featuring more characters and more talent than had been utilized in years-- all to be sold in as many more new outlets as could be found. This was the DC Explosion-- covering every genre known to comics, science fiction, sword and sorcery, mystery/horror, war-- and of course, super-heroes. Khan plowed on ahead, despite the previous years’ stormy setbacks-- and then had a fair amount of her autonomy ripped away by the even darker waters often called the corporate mentality, and more than a little of the old boy network. Warner Communications stepped on its imprint acquisition-- DC Comics imploded, and direct sales became the increasing focus of the comic book business for decades to come.

But let’s say there was no implosion-- no snow storms, no corporate power plays-- and THE DC EXPLOSION succeeded! More DC Comics in sold in more places-- including comic stores-- and no genre is out of the question.

How would the comics world be different today?

(A little side-note-- PLEASE no argumentative posts on how the DC Implosion “REALLY HAPPENED.” These will be considered off-topic.)


I think comics in general would be the same. Something else would happen eventually that would cause DC to temporarily fail. And then DC would get back up. And then it would fail again. And it would get back up… The cycle continues as normal.

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The print comic book market would likely be in substantially better condition than it currently is as comics would likely still be available at any places that magazines are sold. Obviously the entire line wouldn’t be carried by every outlet, but many titles would be at least.

Not that print magazines are doing their business of yore either right now, but they have a greater availability than print comics do ATM.

We also would likely have even more of a variety of fan favorite runs and characters from that era than we already do. Various characters and story elements would’ve made their way into The New 52, Rebirth and so on.

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I better go read that chapter in slugfest now

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I agree with the other posters. DC would eventually falter as the market dictates. But most likely, comics would never have been removed from grocery stores. That market alone, which contains captive children forced by their parents to be bored out of their minds, is a goldmine of potential buyers. And it’s been left to languish for almost four decades.

Is this related at all to cancelled Comics cavalcade?

Don-El, I know you must some kind of thoughts on what if the EXPLOSION had worked… so why are ya trolling the IMPLOSION, mate?