Minecraft Of John Stewart (Green Lantern)

I’ve just finish making John Stewart (Green Lantern) out of Minecraft, I apologize about the picture, I was trying to get the picture clear so you can see him.
Thankyou @bigblock66 for your encouragement, I’ve been wanting do this for a long time, and was afraid it wouldn’t come clear on my TV when taking a picture.
I’ve been a fan of John Stewart and I think he’s a great character. I did enjoy the new Green Lantern movie when he was a main character.
Hope you guys like it, if you don’t I’ll have the @moderators delete this thread.:slightly_smiling_face:




This is great! How could anyone not enjoy this?!


Thankyou so much, that’s great to hear.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sinestro would hate it. Dr. Polaris would hate it. Power Ring would hate it. Volthoom would hate it.

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