Millennium (1987 series/event)

I just read this series/event. I had to buy it on eBay since it wasn’t available on here. I have to say I was very disappointed. I felt like it was a choir to read and very boring. I do think it had some good concepts. The Manhunters wanting revenge against the GL corps and the guardians could be a great story. The guardians also had a plan to help evolve humans into their next stage. The problem with this is the characters created by this evolution and we are told are so important end up being pointless. 30 years later and I don’t recall any of these Special characters ever Even being mentioned in any comics. So basically it was a 8 issue miniseries that was about introducing some minor characters that may have played a minor role in a few issues within the next year and be totally forgotten. I felt they also ruined a lot of characters for this story. Lana Lang and the entire town of superman turned out to be manhunters or spy’s for them. Why would you destroy all of that history for a story that wouldn’t have any major impact? Also wally west father, Ronald Reagan’s mother and a lot of minor characters ended up being manhunters.

In the end I feel like this may be the worst DC event I ever read. Hopefully a lot of it was retconned. I don’t think they kept the idea that Superman’s home town were all manhunters.

What do you think about this story? Did you like it or did you feel the way I did about it?

Did it beat Countdown to Final Crisis?

Yeah, I recall collecting these and the tie-ins as a kid. My first DC comic was Invasion! #1, and that was pretty freaking awesome. So I figured Millenium would be pretty good too. But it wasn’t. I was also reading Legends, which was better. But Legends was too reconstructive for my child mind. So, I didn’t even attempt Crisis. :grin:

Looking back, in a historical context, I think DC recognized the success of Crisis. Legends was a pretty decent follow-up, and Millennium tried to lay some groundwork for future expansion. Invasion! was a deep- dive into some weird corners of the young universe, and it really set a standard for cohesiveness that almost lasted a decade.

I didn’t mind legends, it was okay. I felt it did a good job of establishing what a hero or “legend” is. Heroes back then were actually heroes who were unselfish and had high morals. It’s a nice comparison to today where so many heroes have been turned into extremely flawed individuals.

Yes! I didn’t think countdown to final crisis was that bad. The major issue with countdown is how the story didn’t line up with final crisis at all. The story was still interesting. I didn’t find it boring. Millennium is very boring and takes what could have been a very interesting story and makes it very simple and boring. I mean in one issue you see the Guardians tell these 7 selected individuals the secret rules to life so they can evolve and it’s so stupid And simple. I’m talking about things like “love” “be smart” and other very basic things that everyone knows. To act like it was some secret of the universe really insults the readers in my opinion.

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