Milestone Returns #0 Reveals New Covers and Teams for Static, Icon & Rocket and Hardware!

Fans of Static, Icon, Rocket and Hardware can get their first taste of a new look “Dakotaverse” today as *Milestone Returns #0* : *Infinite Edition* , available today on participating digital platforms- it's not yet on DC Universe Infinite, but keep your eyes peeled for announcements on this in the future!

This added content also includes some highly anticipated news, revealing and confirming an exciting mix of legendary talent and new creative voices continuing Milestone’s renaissance.

Read the details of the creative teams and scope out some #sneak-peek action of the phenomenal artwork over on!

Here’s the schedule for those marking their calendars:

  • ”Extended Cut” of DC FanDome One-Shot Available Now Digitally, Arrives in Comic Book Stores on May 25
  • Static Season One Available Digitally Monday, April 11
  • Icon and Rocket Available Digitally Monday, June 27
  • Hardware Available Digitally Monday, August 15

We are beyond excited and downright honored to be able to bring back this seminal imprint!

Which title are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments below! :point_down:t6:


I admit that I know nothing about Icon and Rocket or Hardware so I am looking forward to those the most to learn about new characters in the DC Universe.


I’m pretty excited for these books. The creative team mostly looks great – the only one I’m a little apprehensive about is Reginald Hudlin on Icon, mostly because I’ve read some of his Black Panther and Spider-Man and, quite frankly it was horrible. Hopefully this one will be better or his co-writer will balance things out.

Outside of that, I’m definitely getting these books when they come out. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait. Loving what we have on here already can’t ever have enough Milestone imho.






I was most excited for STATIC.

After learning that Doug Braithwaite was doing the art for ICON AND ROCKET, now it’s ICON AND ROCKET. [insert smiley face]

I love Denys Cowan… HARDWARE I can take or leave though.

But yep, Doug Braithwaite on ICON AND ROCKET is now my thing.


These sound awesome™:+1:. Can’t wait.


Young Justice gave me my first introduction to Icon and Rocket. I’m glad I have the chance to explore them.


Art looks great, I hope DC gives this a shot, and it. I do believe these can be successful with the existing fan base, but like most things it will probably take more than just the existing fan base to make it successful.


What he said.

The promo image for each book says that they debut in digital and on DCUI at the same time. I was unaware of this, but if they’re debuting here at the same time, I will happily read all three books (I was only planning on Hardware previously).



I had noticed that too.

And last week I noticed that MILESTONE RETURNS: INFINITE RETURNS #0 was here on DC Universe Infinite.

I had already bought it and was surprised that it was here too.

Then again, I guess it shouldn’t be here this early and it’s there by mistake and… “poof” after this post. (Ha!)

No but, I’ll double-dip. I’ll buy digital and read it here – if it’s also released here simultaneously as part of our membership. Every little bit helps in show of support.

And if I like ICON AND ROCKET enough I’ll get the hardcover too, if DC are doing it like SUPERMAN '78 and BATMAN '89. Digital, then print, then hardcover.

So maybe triple-dip if I like it enough.


Note to DC editorial/DCUI Powers That Be: Putting all of the upcoming new Milestone content on DCUI the same day as each issue hits the digital stands was a swell thing to do.

Like I said previously, Hardware was the only book I was planning on buying as it came out, but with all of the upcoming minis being day/date digital/DCUI releases, I’m now in for all 3 books.

Don’t worry, I’ll spend extra on Superman '78. That book will be worth the double/triple dips, I bet.


So I see in the “What’s New on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE” email that MILESTONE RETURNS: INFINITE RETURNS #0 is officially available now.


Now just waiting for the preview pages for the digital-first series.

We of course have an idea what the STATIC team will look like with ChrisCross doing the layouts and new-comer Nikolas Draper-Ivey on the finishes with his “New School” style-ly.

HARDWARE with the classic goodness of Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. Those two have worked together since forever it seems. I guess going back to the heady THE QUESTION days with Denny O’Neil in the late 80s.

And again ICON AND ROCKET is my most anticipated since it’s going to have the excellent Doug Braithwaite handling the art chores. That one we haven’t seen yet.

If one of my favorite series JUSTICE is any indication, along with his most recent work on a story from the REPRESENT! digital-first series, then a Norman Rockwell-ian “classicism” in style is no doubt in order.

So strong art all around.