:00_shazam: Milestone Generations | Friday, July 29th | 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern :00_shazam:

What: Milestone Generations, a brand-new documentary that debuts on HBO Max July 29th.

What its about: Milestone Generations highlights the history of Milestone Media, an imprint of DC Comics which had and continues to have a substantial impact on the modern comic book landscape and pop culture in general.

When and how we watch: Friday, July 29th at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern and on HBO Max.

Where we comment: In this thread and at the above date and time. :point_up:t2:

Whether you know everything there is to know about Milestone, or this post is your very first exposure to the imprint/brand and you want to know more, all are welcome to join myself and the @JusticeLeagueBookClub as we take in what is sure to be a highly-entertaining look at some of the greatest comic creators and characters of the modern comic era.

Not familiar with Milestone, but you’d like some easy access points for it? Check out the content below:

The first issues of the original Milestone series:

The beginning of the Milestone heroes’ adventures alongside the Justice League of America:

The New 52 take on Static, Icon and other Milestone mainstays:

The Milestone Returns one-shot and the Milestone Returns mini-series:

No matter if Milestone is completely foreign to you or your very favorite thing about DC, Milestone Generations is a documentary about DC’s most important imprint of the last 3 decades that will entertain all who see it, so do please drop in (paging @staticshocks in particular), as I’d love to see you.


I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this! Milestone is huge for me (as you know), so I’m very eager to see how y’all react. I’ve even heard rumors of one of my favorite artists/writers possibly making an appearance here (or maybe even two of my faves?) … :eyes:

Spare no thought or detail as you watch!


I sure hope they give Dwayne McDuffie a ton of screen-time, because he’s one of my favorites, be it his Milestone output or otherwise.

I also hope Hardware gets a decent focus, because he’s my favorite Milestone character (the legal things I’d do for a Hardware action figure…).


They at the very least have some conversations with his widow, Charlotte, who has been working hard to continue his legacy. I realize the release of the documentary is to primarily to promote the Milestone Initiative, but it would be great if it also helped give a boost to establishing the Dwayne McDuffie Foundation.


I am going to try to make it here tonight for this. Have something happening at 8:30 PM, so hopefully that is resolved.

Now, I need to know the figures you would do illegal things for haha


Got this qued up!!

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Is it go time @Vroom?

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Hey, someone showed up!

I’m playing if you’re playing, @CassTheStreet. :slight_smile:

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I have it on!

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I’m on Paul Levitz talking about Jeanette Kahn.

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Paul just got on my screen. I just got where you are, so little behind.

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Eh, close enough. :wink:

So, have you read any Milestone books?

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It is interesting to hear about Black Lightening. As he is a character that I know little about.

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He’s a neat character. Check out his first ongoing:

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I read some of the static books and read the milestone returns book during Fandom a few years ago. It is an imprint I have been very interested in due to the historical significance of the imprint in terms of diversity.

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Denys Cowan’s anecdote about Jim Steranko is interesting. I’d never heard that before.

Check out Hardware and Hardware: Season One. Good, good stuff.

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I used to be a part of a comic book reading club in San Francisco and we had the “Black” in front of the name conversation one time. We discussed a lot about Black Golialth at that time, as he was appearing in a Marvel event at the time. Most of us agreed he would also probably die in the event and we were right because of his usage. It was sad.

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Civil War?

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After I finish Long Halloween, I will definitely read those.

It is such an important documentary so far. Pointing out the cultural moments in relationship to this imprint.

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I think so? I don’t rememeber titles that well unfortunately. I am just glad I rememebered the character.

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