Milestone Comics is Back

Finally after years of waiting and searching on google for progress or fate of Milestone Media Comics, news has finally hit the net that all issues have been resolved. Now what I hope is that Since DC Universe has Static comics and the show, also on Young Justice they’ve used at least 4 of Milestone characters in small roles, I do hope that the powers that be allow the old Milestone comics like the Blood Syndicate or some of the new comics of Static and the mini-series Love Army into the online digital library.

And when the time is right, I want either a new show or a movie with one of the Milestone Media creatures acting as either showrunner or movie director.



rubs hands together in anticipation of an eventual Milestone digital library and mayhaps the realization of Earth M as well


I would dearly love some (read: ANY) new Milestone comics. Hopefully we get some traction on this front and hear some official announcements of new projects.


I’ve not read a ton of Milestone, but I’ve read a smattering, and they all seemed to have a distinct voice that made them intriguing. I hope they get added to the DCU library at some point.


I would love to see the Milestone library added to the comics available digitally on this service. It is one of the huge gaps in the service’s offerings.



It has definitely been tied up in those legal issues, so far, so I’m hoping that resolving them makes the books available, here. I was away from comics at the time (and rarely ventured outside of the Big Two), so I missed almost all of them at the time. I know the broad strokes, like anybody else, but would really like to dig deeper into that bit of history.

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Its the perfect time to bring the whole line back. Most ofhe original writers are still around and I am sure Coates and Gay from Marvel would be amazing talents to bring over…at least thats my dream. There is a change org petition out to add it to dcu digital , but not sure if it will violate community rules if I post it here.
Well now I know it blocked even the dot