Midnighter and Apollo? I need MORE

I just read Midnighter and Apollo and it was so good! I need more! And considering how well it was received it’s strange I can’t find out if there is more. Were they in anything more recent? I saw Midnighter was mentioned here and there but did they actually get to appear anywhere after Midnighter and Apollo?


Yes, there are several series, including some that are more specific to Midnighter. Check the DC Wiki or even Wikipedia for the series available. You can also just do a search on Comixology and then compare to what is available here ( not so much, I would guess) and decide if you want to buy what is not here. Usually some great deals around the end of the year.

I love these guys. The last miniseries was action packed and emotionally touching.

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We need to do more with these Two heros.

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I read Midnighter and Apollo when I was first trying to come out to my family. When I was first getting into comics, these were the heroes whom I looked up to. I had always kinda thought that Batman and Superman were fairly homosexual, just that they hid it really well, and so that play on the ‘double identity’ was like everything to me as a sad, confused teenager. Midnighter and Apollo just fueled that obsession and gave me more relatable characters whom I could actually look up to, who were out and it didn’t matter. When they found resistance, Midnighter kicked some serious a$$ and that was truly inspiring, as he didn’t really have technical powers, just his alien brain(which is honestly another thing that felt all too relatable), but he stood up for himself and wasn’t seen as weak. They showed me that gay people didn’t always have to be villainized or accessorized as some campy, out to ruin the world character with their twisted morals. They were who they were, and loved who they wanted to love because they could. They could be heroes who were even better than Superman or Batman, and they were ‘out’, they didn’t have to hide. I absolutely LOVE the Midnighter casual date scene where he’s just out in his hero costume on a date with some guy, and he’s just proud of who he is, and isn’t gonna deny it or apologize for it. That was truly something that spoke to me. I’ve looked up to both Apollo, and especially Midnighter ever since. I absolutely love them. They have a special place in my heart, right behind John Constantine who will always be my favorite.

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I’m hoping they bring back Midnighter’s book.

Man, I need to read this book! I have all the issues. Loved the Midnighter series that preceded it.