Mick is not gone from Legends

I just saw in Dominic Purcell’s Instagram that he is planning to leave Legends. I know he has been getting less airtime and this may have led to decision but no!!! He was one of my favorites and the only original left other than Sara!!!


Update: his contract is up with season six. He is appearing periodically in season seven. He can’t believe how blown out of proportion it has gotten just pent up frustration from the lockdowns due to the pandemic which is understandable.
Still love ya Mick!


OK whew! We don’t need more drama!! :smiley:


Mick is my favorite character alongside Sara. I can’t even imagine the show without Mick. I hope he has a lot of screen time this season.


Especially with Ray leaving last season, we need both Mick and Sara to stay and be the parents of the Waverider. I also wanna see more of Mick with his daughter!


I know. They are the only original crew mates left. Plus I agree we saw some of him with his daughter then this got dropped for other stories so we need to see more. I’m curious about his appearance on season seven periodically. Will he leave the Waverider or will he simply be talked of oh he’s not coming to group meeting like they seemed to do in past seasons.
By the way congratulations on your first post! Welcome

Agreed! That dynamic might have been my favorite part of last season.