Michael Rosenbaum sounds interested in playing Lex Luthor again?

Michael Rosenbaum has seemed to have slammed Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex and appears to have shown interesting being Lex again. I don’t know how they could work him into the World Of DC movies, but what about a Smallville reunion movie/mini-series? I’m looking at you DC Universe. And by that I mean the streaming service we are all using right now, not us, the collective DC Universe😜 So, thoughts on Michael reprising his role and do you all think it would work in the movies or as a reunion movie or mini-series preferably right hear in DC Universe🍀

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I prefer Jesse Eisenberg’s version as much as I liked Michael Rosenbaum’s. I’m pretty sure he was joking anyway. Listening to his podcast I don’t get the impression that he’s the kind of guy who slams people.


I would totally watch a continuation of the Smallville series. Maybe it can be a DC Universe Original ala Netflix Marvel shows! And unlike WallyWest28, I prefered Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor and thought Jesse Eisenberg was terrible casting. He was closer to a lunatic Joker…

Jesse eisenberg was closer to cristopher reeves supermans lex and michael rosenbaum was closer to justice leagues and superman the animated series. Rosenbaum for the win

Yeah I think he was joking.

With that said, I think most actors would come back. Except Welling, who is still distancing himself from the part. He’ll warm up to the idea at some point. All actors go through these predictable phases. Running from the part to avoid typecasting, then embracing it when they realize it’s either their best bet at work or they’re established enough to not be negatively affected by it anymore.

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Eisenberg is a good actor but the way he, Snyder, and the writers approached it was cringeworthy.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want this because I actually really liked Jesse’s take on Lex. I like the strange dark quirkiness of it. It’s engaging, and kind of uncomfortable, but in a way that I think suits the character. I mean it’s just my opinion, but I just really liked Jesse’s Lex.

Thanks for the info on Rosenbaum. I hadn’t heard what he said or the context in which he said it, so good to know it seemed as though he was joking🍀