Michael B Jordan

Who do you guys think Michael B Jordan can play in the DCEU?
Here is my list:

  • Wally West
  • Mister Terrific
  • Maybe John Stewart
  • Duke Thomas
  • Red Hood?!?!
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John Stewart would be dope


I think Mr. Terrific would be an Amazing choice for MBJ.


Batwing is an untapped source that has wiggle room. I think he’d be into it and audiences would too.


John would be awesome have him be a noob to being a green lantern and hal will show him the ropes kinda like training day

I think that the best fit for him would be Mister terrific

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I wanna say John Stewart. Dude can pull off the new recruit easy.

I think he has the charisma for Booster Gold.
Captain Atom but I wouldn’t want him in all makeup
Dr. Fate, Agent Liberty, Hawkman, Mr. Miracle, Bloodwynd

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John Stewart