MetaMadhouse Dream Final...the write-in votes

As we all recover from the results of the semi-finals of this “best butt” contest (If AppleJack only would have told us at the onset that was the criteria)

Here is your chance to rant and give the DCU the final say on who should have made the finals and won it all. Cuz lets be honest, we all know that our own choice IS the correct one. Only rule is it needs to be from the original 64 participants.

Power Girl vs Black Canary for the sheer beauty and sexiness. (And in truth I think it’d be a good matchup too)

Champion - “Here they are… Power Girl”

Frankly I’m not that interested in who wins.,I’m just hoping it goes the distance :stuck_out_tongue:

So what’s your “dream final”?

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First of all, I think Canary will win as she is, imo, sexier. Plus, her personality and knack for making sexual innuendos are a plus.

My dream final would probably be… Batman Who Laughs vs Anti Monitor. I say this for a few reasons. One, they’re two if my favorite DC characters. Secondly, they’re both know for destroying worlds left and right. Lastly, they say the Batman Who Laughs can prepare and therefore defeat ANYONE who faces him. But, what if it’s someone with the powers to literally wipe out the multiverse. Plus, if Batman Who Laughs wins, we can change it to the Anti Monitor after the Anti matter wave destroyed almost every universe which therefore made him SO much stronger.