So I’m reading The Batman who laughs…feeling kinda lost. Probably should have read the Metal series first ? Waste of time ? Or totally worth it ? :diamonds::black_joker:


Read Metal! It’s so metal! Haha. Not a waste of time. Metal literally expands the scope of the DC multiverse and has ramifications that are and will continue to reverberate throughout all DC comics for a while. It’s also one of the most absurd (in the best way) Batman stories ever told, and features one of my favorite Batman/Joker moments. I read it on Hoopla, but immediately went and bought the Deluxe Edition, because I loved it so much.

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Yeah Metal and Justice league: No Justice are both pretty much must reads to follow along with current DC story lines

Definitely read Dark Nights: Metal before The Batman Who Laughs.

You can enjoy TBWL for what it has to offer on its own, but reading Metal will help fill in the gaps you may have with TBWL.

Here’s a reading order to get the full story:

Dark Days: The Forge #1
Dark Days: The Casting #1
Dark Nights: Metal #1
Dark Nights: Metal #2
Teen Titans #12
Nightwing #29
Batman: The Red Death #1
Batman: The Murder Machine #1
Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1
Batman: The Drowned #1
Suicide Squad #26
Green Arrow #32
Batman: The Merciless #1
Dark Nights: Metal #3
The Flash #33
Justice League #32
Batman: The Devastator #1
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32
Justice League #33
Batman Lost #1
The Batman Who Laughs #1
Dark Nights: Metal #4
Hawkman Found #1
Dark Nights: Metal #5
Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1
Dark Nights: Metal #6

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Does Metal work as a stand alone TPB or do you need to read all the cross-over issues?

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It works alone. The crossovers are about exploring who these batmen are.

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It might help to read the two Dark Days prelude books, but otherwise Metal stands on its own.



Nice ! Thanks to you all :diamonds::black_joker:

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Are any of these comics on the app?

@harley.333, the following are here:

-Batman: The Dawnbreaker
-Batman: The Devastator
-Batman: The Drowned
-Batman: The Merciless
-Batman: The Murder Machine
-Batman: The Red Death
-Teen Titans #12

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HJ and the GLC #32, Justice League #'s 32 and 33 and Suicide Squad #26 are also present.

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Hopefully they’ll add the remaining issues soon. Don’t know why they added all the origin one shots but left out Batman Who Laughs.

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