meta madhouse

There’s no way that darkseid loses to flash. And no way nightwing beats Dr Fate. If they fought 100 times maybe they would win once. I know everyone wants to see the good guys win. But this is a tough scenario. Been reading comics since I was a young grasshopper in the 90’s just calling it how I see it. Darkseid would win this one vs one competition easily with his hands tied behind his back.

And there’s no way Darkseid would beat Parallax, no way Doctor Fate would beat the Spectre, and no way the Flash would beat Highfather (I still maintain Nightwing could beat Deathstroke, but even I’ll admit it’s a stretch). We’re long past the point of a serious “who would win” competition.

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Its pretty much a popularity contest which I’m fine with, also it’s sort of futile to argue logic when it comes to comics lol