Meta Madhouse - Wonder Woman's Warriors! Round of 4

It’s getting real, folks. We’re now down to only four potential champions of the original 16. Who made the cut, and who was banished to the phantom zone?

Find out by heading to the News page, or following the link below!

Does someone need to be avenged? Or are the results just? Let us know in the comments below!


The picture is Flash but the text says Vixen???

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll be sure to let the team know. :blush:

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Well, you guys failed your queen (Hippolyta). There is absolutely no reason this shouldn’t have came down to her and Highfather. All of you can go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done :rage:


And for christ sake, I love all the flashes but the speed force is not the be all end all of meta powers.

Highfather went toe to toe with Darkseid for millennia!!! Thats God level beast mode.


I think you can guess who I’m backing by my picture and username. That being said, Hawkman is a venerable and constant presence in the DC Universe that deserves to get the nomination. Especially with the amazing new series by Venditti and Hitch that is out now (Go read it if you haven’t! You won’t be disappointed!).

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@OverSizedGeek DID Highfather go toe to toe with Darkseid, or did the New Gods? I only ever remember him standing around!

And no offense to @KatarHol, but I loled when I saw Hawkman made it this far. Dude’s died like a thousand times. It’s his whole thing!

And the Queen must be avenged!


CJ is the popular and, yes I’ll sat it, trendy pick.

Hopefully reason and a sense of FairPlay will eventually win out. Power and control wise she is no “real life” match against any of the three reaming,

While Barry is my favorite hero in DC, HighFather is far to powerful, immortal (hello voters) and ruthless than the fastest man alive.


@biff_pow There is so much missing from HF’s encyclopedia entry it’s criminal. Going back to pre-Crisis days, they have tangled a HF never lost to Darkseid. Which I hate to admit, since Darkseid is my favorite character in all of DC history.


I got Flash winning this! Speed kills!! Period!!

Flash is the only A-Tier character in this whole event. It’s no contest, he’ll win easily.

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thank you for that lol @Dessad cuz I was trying to get more background on Highfather overall. I felt like he was being underestimated. My votes on him taking it all the way.

I do think CJ can take Hawkman tho…with her having 65 distinct powers, it’s hard to imagine that at least one of them can’t take Hawkman out lol. Highfather and flash tho would overwhelm her/just overpower her in comparison to their own power levels

I think Hawkman’s edge over CJ is flight and agility in flight. He can keep away from her attacks, taunt her into a vulnerable persona, and end of game.

…and Hawkman is gone. Ugh. For everyone comparing power levels, you do realize that isn’t the exercise, right? It is a popularity contest as far as I can tell. No where has it mentioned anything about “who would win in a fight”. Oh well, Here’s to The Flash taking this now.

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I love all the people saying how Flash would win, yet XS still got voted out… Makes soooo much sense…

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@OverSizedGeek I totally agree. Shouldn’t been Hippolyta vs Highfather. The current results just hurt to look at. So many TV fans and not enough COMIC fans.


Don’t forget, there are Encyclopedia links under each character in the bracket if you want to learn more!

I thought it was about who would win in a fight, but this has turned into a popularity contest. No way Flash beats Highfather in a fight, despite all his speedster tricks.

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@job1point2.58359, a valuable lesson learned about the way of the world :sob:

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I want Crazy Jane to win. I think that she is really powerful but it hard to judge because you don’t usually get to see her go against the big name heroes of DC. I think that a lot of people underestimate her because she is a character that has DID and think that she can’t control her powers because of her portrayal on the tv show. However, when you read Morrison’s it is very clear that Jane has control over her powers. She knows every personality and their strengths and weaknesses. The personalities communicate to each other. She can lend control to any personality when ever she wants. In a fight, her powers tend to work on instincts. The personality sees the situation and decides which one is best to handle it. Their main objective is to protect Kay’s body. Crazy Jane is also very unpredictable and will cause her opponent to adapt to her. Not to say that she is impossible to adapt to but 64 personalities can come in many combinations. That does not include how long that specific personalty is in control. It can be seconds or minutes. And while we don’t know the powers of all personalities, we do know that she has a pyrokinesis, claws, genius intellect, astral projection, teleportation, thermal blast, enhanced senses, sound manipulation, clairvoyance. If we use the personalities introduced in the show, we have slivertongue and Dr. Harrison. Jane deserves to be in the final bracket of this team. And speed is not the most powerful power in the dc universe. If I’m being honest, Flash should have lost to Highfather.