Meta Madhouse: The Final Results!

Yay! Nightwing won! It makes no sense at all, but I was pulling for him from the beginning.

“Robin - 66%
Orphan - 44%”

I am still mad about this one, though. 110% of the DC Universe community made a terrible mistake.

Wait, what?


:diamonds::diamonds:Harley Quinn!!!:diamonds::diamonds:

Also I’m glad Nightwing won


With all the crazy and interesting characters that were involved, we still ended up with Flash vs Nightwing. Pretty bland and obvious choices, a little disappointing.

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Ch’p was robbed! I demand a recount!

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Thanks for the write up!

I am not whelmed. Not in the least. This was a travesty. It was a popularity contest, not a brawl. There’s literally no way Nightwing could win. None of these results were correct in the slightest. They were all just popularity votes. Darkseid, Fate and Spectre are the ones with the power levels that beat everyone else. Nightwing doesn’t have access to half of what Bruce Wayne does… so any plan he could come up with is a circus act at best. I like Nightwing just fine… but he couldn’t have won this.

This is why fans don’t write comic books.


Hmmm… Seems 'spicious.

It was really fun voting though, and honestly I’m not surprised at the results at all lol

All in all this was a lot of fun! Should Nightwing have taken this? Who cares?? He’s hot! Till next year!

@Paragon: Having met a good sample size of writers, I’m pretttttttttttttty sure fans DO write comic books.

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We don’t often agree but I’m with you
25 - 75 Ch’p vs Krypto.


Maybe someday the dcu will realize the sun don’t shine outta a Kryptonians tuckus.


Acrobatic prowess > god like abilities…every time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yep. Called this early on. Dick Grayson with the knockout.

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I’m happy with it because he’s my favorite character in comics. And he seems to be popular enough to deserve this win.

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Nice to see Nightwing is so popular among fans :slight_smile: My favourite seems to be most people’s favourite :smiley:


So…the one thing I learned from this “meta-brawl” is people clearly don’t know who The Flash is.


Looking at many results I’d say it fair that many people don’t know a lot of anything about most of the of the 64 characters.

I’d add that Batman’s snob appeal is rather disgusting too.

None of entourage is ever going to be with lightyears of Bruce.

Dick can go back to turning his tricks in bludhavan. Good riddance to bad bat rubbish.


If someone wrote this in a comic they would be laughed out of continuity. No way Nightwing could beat the Flash but I guess it isn’t about actual powers or making sense, it’s just popularity.


Happy Nightwing took the win. Screw Barry.


Love nightwing but come on he never should of beat doc fate, and def shouldn’t have beat the flash.