Meta Madhouse Shazam’s Sorcerers: Who are you voting for?

Shazam’s Sorcerers is for for the new match ups of Meta Madhouse


Who are you voting for?

The Spectre.

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Can someone explain who Raven’s opponent is? Like breakdown of powers and role in DC lol

He’s the original Green Lantern.

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Idk…but this is the first time im hearing about Hoppy The Marvel Bunny :rabbit:

Hoping on the Hoppy train. Hope a lot of people do. Would be great to have such a relatively obscure character representing the sorcerers bracket, since magic is either fickle or just science we don’t understand. A complete underdog taking this seems fitting.

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My votes will have it come down to Trigon V Spectre. This exact fight happened it the injustice comics too

@deku – Alan Scott has a listing in the Encyclopedia here, but here’s what it says about his powers:

"Alan’s ring channeled the power of the Starheart through his lantern, allowing him the ability to create energy constructs out of the mystic green flame, become impervious, phase through solid matter, become invisible, possess superhuman strength, fly, create a force field, and even teleport and travel through space. The ring’s only limitation was that it was powerless against wood and needed to be recharged regularly. After Green Lantern’s ring was destroyed, he later gained the ability, after decades of using the magic, of manipulating the flame without the ring.

“The New 52 Alan gains his powers from The Green, the Earth’s sentient elemental force that connects to all plant life. Since it is his source, he is also reliant on keeping in contact with The Green, and also finds himself forced to follow The Green’s directives. He can fly, has the ability to control plant life, and has superhuman strength and durability. Green Lantern can also fire energy blasts and create constructs from the energy granted to him.”

I’m waffling between the Spectre (because he’d actually win) and Alan Scott (precisely because the Spectre is too overpowered to compete fairly). Then again, that depends on Swamp Thing being eliminated before Alan would have to fight him. Somehow I doubt he’d be very effective at that point. And actually, discounting the Spectre and Trigon like I’ve been threatening to do, Doctor Fate and Zatanna are pretty serious contenders themselves. In a straight power ranking, I’d probably say Fate’s the third-most powerful after the Spectre and Trigon.

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Only one I can vote for SWAMP THING

Hopefully my man Spectre comes out on top!

I’d personally love to see Constantine pull off an upset and win the whole thing, but I’m voting for Spectre all the way so my favorite team can actually beat Darkseid. It’s going to be a hilarious final battle. Flash vs Darkseid vs Nightwing vs Spectre; Nightwing and Flash just being completely irrelevant in the final decisions.

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I will be voting Hoppy because it would be epic to see him win, but despite DC Daily making a strong case for him, sure Trigon is going to win in a landslide.

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Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. He is the hero we ALL need!

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Dr fate

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