Meta Madhouse - Batman's Vigilantes - Round of 16

We’ve seen The Flash emerge as the champion of Wonder Woman’s Warriors, and now Darkseid as the one who reigns supreme in Superman’s Aliens- who will it be this week?

We begin anew with Batman’s Vigilantes in the toe-to-toe match-ups going all month long. This week promises to be a gritty, brutal battle as this gathering of vigilantes pull out all the stops to make it to the Final Four.

Cast your votes for the VERY FIRST round of Batman’s Vigilantes, when hopes are high and anything can happen! Find them in the News section of the site, or by following the link below:

Let us know NOW who you think will win not only these match-ups, but the final decision!


I’d just like to say that I think Batgirl is pretty criminally underrated as a fighter. I know Green Arrow is going to win, but I’m voting Batgirl


I just wanna say in advance that if Orphan does not take this entire division, there will be RIOTS IN THE STREETS. MOSTLY BY ME.


Orphan could kill batman if she wanted.


Batgirl Forevaaaaaaaa


Orphan is going to take this victory.


Ollie is my favorite, but Barb’s gonna outsmart him by yelling something like “supply side economics has a proven track record!” and then gassing him while he rants. Sorry, Ollie.

Orphan’s gonna give Robin a spanking

Pffft lol a crossbow, Nightwing wins

Arsenal gets the drop on Catwoman while she laughs at his backwards cap+soul patch+ sunglasses+Rob Liefeld name combo

This one’s tough, but Harley Quinn beats Larry Sue

Tough, but I think Katana outsmarts Deadshot

Red Hood, I guess?

Money on the genius Olympian


It’s Deathstroke all the way in this bracket!

Going with Huntress and Catwoman till the bitter end

Batgirl over GA. I know GA has sparred with Dinah, but, I’ve always held, she takes it easy on him. BG is under-rated as a combatant but her intelligence is out-smarts Oliie.
Harley Quinn over Deathstroke. One thing DS can’t abide is chaos, he is tactical to a fault. Always as a plan and a back-up plan. That is his Achilles heel in this. If he advances, he coasts throw the rest of the bracket.
Robin over Orphan. League of Assassins training runs to deep. Daiman’s darkside comes out.
Deadshot over Katana. DS stays far enough away from her blade to get in the kill shot.
Huntress over Nightwing. Sorry Mr. Grayson, you just aren’t ruthless enough…Huntress is.
Red Hood over Orphan. JT is bringing everything short of an atom bomb in is arsenal. He’s got a point to prove and just views. Orphan as the Joker, nothing will stop that calculated rage.
Catwoman vs Arsenal. Selina plays mind games so well. That is the advantage. She attacks Arsenal’s baggage (and his does not fit in the overhead bin). That is Selina’s edge and she knows it.
Batwoman over Mister Terrific. It’s MT’s sense of fair play that does him in Ms. Kane doesn’t care about fair.


@DeSade-acolyte I agree on Harley/Deathstroke. I think she’s random enough for an upset

Green Arrow > Batgirl - Experience and physical advantage both go to Ollie

Robin (a.k.a. Damian Wayne) < Orphan - The daughter of Shiva’s training was much more intense than anything the little Prince was put through. Plus, she’s one of the top fighters in all of DC. She’s my #2 pick to win the bracket.

Huntress < Nightwing - Nightwing is my favorite of the Batfamily. He’s got the guile and wit to outsmart most of Batman’s rogues, plus he’s easily the most agile of all of Batman’s proteges. He’s my #1 pick.

Catwoman < Arsenal - Catwoman plays on her charms too much, which is the only reason she really keeps up with Batman. Arsenal is basically Red Hood with a built in cannon.

Deathstroke > Harley Quinn - Please for the love of Rao, do not vote Harley Quinn past this round. I will seriously name my first born child Booster if we can just all agree Harley has NO chance of beating Deathstroke. I’m actually angry she got included and Tim got left out. That’s just heresy.

Katana ? Deadshot - I honestly don’t know. Both are great. Katana’s not easy to hit, even from afar, and Deadshot is hard to get close to. This one feels like a stalemate.

Spoiler < Red Hood - Jason is just much more likely to go for vital spots. Plus, he’s not afraid of using guns.

Mister Terrific > Batwoman - He’s way too smart to get stuck in a fist fight with a Bat, he’d out-tech her, maybe emp her suit or something. And his T-spheres are crazy powerful.


Two words: Cassandra Cain


I just gotta say, Katana vs. Deadshot is a GREAT fight. But I think the Soultaker can keep up with him. I’d narrowly give her the win.


Your guys were voting Batman Vigilantis sites, I did vote

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Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl would smack down Green Arrow. She’s incredibly intelligent and resourceful. She’s been trained by Batman and Dinah Lance. Once Ollie runs out of arrows Babs would beat him in hand to hand. CW made everyone think GA is as good as Batman in hand to hand, but he’s not. Barbara takes this one.


@coldsmokemike That’s what HQ so good of a pick. She would throw this entire bracket into chaos. Which is so up her street. She is 16 seed University of Maryland Baltimore County and Deathstroke is 1 seed Virginia. If they fought 40 times, 39 of them DS wins going away. However, this is #40 and HQ shocks the world.

The only one I was stuck on was Terrific vs Batwoman. Can you EMP a T-Sphere? I voted for Batwoman anyway, that woman was almost a Marine!

After hearing Hector’s reasoning on DC Daily, I should’ve went Harley Quinn > Deathstroke. Oh well…

Alright, if we’re actually talking about who’d win, Deathstroke is the only metahuman in the bracket (other than Harley sometimes I guess?), and no slouch fighter.

That said, I’m sticking to my analysis/popularity hybrid methodology of “Who I’d like to see win within reason in an actual story, including allowing for specific circumstances that would allow that victory where it wouldn’t normally happen.” While Deathstroke, strictly speaking, would have the advantage, I think it would be cool but believable for either Dick or Cass to beat him. Nightwing’s my pick to win the Madhouse in the long run (still working on rationalizing his beating Darkseid or the Flash - I’ll get back to you on that later), but there’s nobody I’d rather have him lose to than Cass.

I still say it’s absurd to think of this as a straight “who would win” because of how hilariously mismatched some of the power levels are. If we’re trying to figure out who’d win out of all the contestants, this entire bracket is completely pointless. Anyone in Superman’s bracket could take all sixteen at once without breaking a sweat. And a simple popularity contest proves nothing.