Meta Madhouse - Batman's Vigilantes - FINAL ROUND!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived- who made it to the final round of Batman’s Vigilantes, and who has hung their cape in shame? Find out in our News section, or by following the link below!

Is this the match-up of your dreams, or your nightmares? Does this inspire fan fiction, or despair? Let us know in the comments below!


How did Deathstroke beat jason Todd? Seriously.


Slade knew how to push Grayson’s buttons in Teen Titans animated series and he still does. No matter how much Nightwing has “grown up”, the buttons he has that drive him are still there. Emotional exploitation by the more ruthless opponent when the physical match up is close.

Slade FTW. Grayson in need of even more time on the shrinks couch.


Here’s the thing, in a 1 on 1 match up Deathstroke is willing to cross a line (kill). Nightwing is not.

As far as Deathstroke vs RedHood, the only advantage I see is that Slade has healing abilities. I do think RH could have taken that match tho.


“Here’s the thing, in a 1 on 1 match up Deathstroke is willing to cross a line (kill). Nightwing is not.”

HMMM. So if Deathstroke could beat Nightwing…Nightwing would already be dead.


Even in New Teen Titans, the first one-on-one fight between Dick and Slade had Dick keeping a cool head and outmaneuvering Slade. Of course, Deathstroke had the advantage, and Dick was just trying to escape, but I don’t think “button-pushing” is a serious determinative factor. If anything, Dick is a master trash-talker, but I think both of them are too level-headed for that to matter.

Willingness to kill is also not much of an advantage. Deathstroke’s got a few more weapons he’s willing to use than Nightwing, but it’s not like Dick hasn’t fought people with guns before.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I could totally see Deathstroke winning. Deathstroke is a very skilled, very experienced, utterly ruthless killer, who (as a lot of people seem to forget) is also a metahuman. Dick (unlike Jason, I’ll note) knows how he thinks and how he fights, but the reverse is true as well. Based on that, I’d say Deathstroke might win. On the other hand, Dick has been written as having gotten good enough to take on Deathstroke, and he’s probably got access to better gadgets and tech as a bat-kid. Plus, most of Deathstroke’s experience is killing non-costumed human targets, while Nightwing’s experience is focused on dealing with metahuman supervillains like Slade. Additionally, Dick has been explicitly stated to be a better fighter than Batman, and Batman and Deathstroke have each beaten each other at various points. I wouldn’t count either of them out, but if the fight happened in a comic, you could probably count on the good guy to win, so I’m backing Nightwing.


Probably the toughest choice so far. But I have to go with my man Deathstroke.


@BatJamags There is more to a fight than the fighting. Strategy & tactics matter just as much as power & speed.

This isn’t “trash talk”, it’s psychological warfare. You don’t think Slade is gonna pull the Terra card out at some point. “All the pain she caused, all the destruction, innocent lives and you didn’t even see it until it was to late. Couldn’t save them, couldn’t save her.” You know Dick Grayson is to much of a hero to not still have that raw nerve.

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Nightwing has grown since being Robin. He has even taken the mantle of the Bat. Slade has lost all his children to the Titans (Jericho, Rose, Grant). When Slade loses control (Identity Crisis #3) he loses the fight. Grayson is no stranger to killing. Nightwing murders the Joker in the 2001 crossover series Last Laugh.

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Why is it that everyone always pulling for the hero to win? The villains put more thought and effort into everything, unlike so called “Heroes”. They just wait for the so called " Villains " to make the first move! Don’t hate on anyone! Even " Villains " can do awesome things!

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I think this is a good match (the one I was rooting for, actually). I think Nightwing will win. Go Nightwing!


Dick Grayson has been defeating Deathstroke since he was in little green shorts… he’s got this!


I wish nightwing would win. Alas, we only have “ric grayson”. D.c., get your act together and bring back nightwing, he’s obviously popular enough!


I can’t see Nightwing winning if it is a legitimate fight and not a comic book fight (hero has to ultimately be victorious). Desthstroke is basically Captain America without the morals, a sword, and lots of guns. He’s enhanced in every way so he’s smarter, faster, stronger, and has more endurance than Grayson. He’s beaten the Justice League single-handedly as well as assassinated a god.

When Slade loses, it’s usually by design and part of a larger agenda. He’s the Terminator for a reason.

Nightwing is good, maybe even great but he’s not even the best former Robin; Tim Drake holds that honor.

If Desthstroke is trying, he wins it easily.

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@vr_ironfist, we are going to need to disagree about who the best Robin was. That is a matter if opinion (Still Dick though). But in all seriousness, Nightwing has always beaten Deathstroke.


Has Nightwing beaten him solo? Seems like he’s always had a team behind him, and we’re talking about a guy who’s held his own against the Justice League, and beaten Batman.

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I’ve got to hand this round to Deathstroke. After all, he is known for being the most deadly mercenary in the world.

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@job1point2.58359 I think people forget that villains are always the protagonists. As such they are more driven to win and more ruthless. In comics (hero must win eventually to keep the book alive) context, we all know what’s gonna happen. However, in a non-comics contextual match up the villain is more likely to win.

They are
A: More powerful and deadly than the hero, cuz if not the hero is really not heroic in the overcoming of obstacles, (Joseph Campbell, Hero with a 1000 faces)
B: They are more willing, quicker to cross the line, & more ruthless than the hero. Not to mention that the villain is hero from their point of view.

It’s Deathstroke all day in this match up.

Srry nightwing fans but death stroke has “death” in his name sooooooooo… yeah


Deathstroke for me, he is smarter that dick, has faster processing power and speed than most people in that universe, even Batman don’t want to mess with him , and that is why I’ll go with Deathstroke,dick is cool acrobat, good fighting skills but he is not at Deathstroke level, besides Deathstroke is an old man working in a young man’s Worlds, beware of him