Merry Little Batman Viewing Party Sunday

For those who have Amazon Prime, I figured we might share our initial impressions of this, the first Christmas-themed Batman production in 30 years. Feel free to view it & add your comments right here on Sunday, December 10th at noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific


Reminder on the Merry Little Batman viewing party in this thread tomorrow at noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific!

Three minutes until Viewing Party.

I don’t recall if there were any ads when you first go into Little Merry Batman, but I’m paused at the start of the Art for Art’s sake studio logo

Commencing viewing…

Zontar Jr and I agree the animation looks good so far…

Zontar Jr. and I surprised how young Damian is in this

Want to “break all my ribs too”

Good to see the war on crime finally paid off in one version…

Love the batarang discussion

Great Wonder Twins reference…

Is Thomas as the middle name unique to this show?

That’s no ordinary ice cream truck!

An even better microwave joke than Lego Batman

Zontar Jr asks where Alfred is during all this

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No windown on that batmobile

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I think the first suit is a 1949 serial reference

Nice guilt feature that comes with mute!

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Well, though it was stylistically similar to the recent Aquaman toon, I thought this was much, much better. Funnier, better animation. Although I’m sure a kid-friendly mandate came with this production, they hid it pretty well.

Nice, unequivacable win for DC to end 2023 on (though I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Aquaman)


I agree its a win it should have been in theaters

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