Memorable Scene from Titans

Not sure if this has been asked before, but what is a scene that constantly comes to mind and/or is a scene that initially seemed mediocre, but has grown on you?

Also, while the focus is on Titans, comparisons to other shows/movies may be fun to draw conclusions from.

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Robin kicking ass in episode 1 and Dawns butt.


I like the second part of your comment, although I didn’t pay much attention when I watched (until she was just wearing a shirt).

But, I keep going back to Jason Todd beating up all those cops. That one scene tells so much about his personality. Plus, I love that creepy music. It also reminds me of Rorschach using the flamethrower against the police, and Batman taking down those criminals in the warehouse from BvS.

I will admit that I am disappointed that darker and violent scenes stay longer and have a greater impression in my memory than something like Superman saving a cat from a tree after saving Lois.

Wonder Girl is my fav. And Beast Boy who I loved in the cartoon (Teen Titans -not Go)… is growing on me. I def liked him going in though. In truth, I had such a bad attitude about the show (before it aired). I thought they were going to ruin it so badly. I even have a picture at NYCC of me making a stank face with the sign for Titans. HA! I’m so dumb. I binged it because it was so good. The promo photos make it look way different than what it is. I keep trying to get my brother to watch cuz we were so wrong. I really enjoy the show! I wish Dick were a little more badass… but I really have nothing bad to say about the show at all. The fight scenes are amazing and Jason Todd is my new fav anti-hero lol.

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Wonder Girl is wonderful, but I wish she chewed Orbit from time to time.

While I prefer clothes to be worn like in the original cartoon, Beast Boy was incredible. The only thing I did not like was him biting off that guy and killing him. But, the actor that plays him, Ryan Potter, is a huge Beast Boy fan and from his discussion on DC Daily, his responses resonate with me.

I also was not too fond of the trailer especially Starfire’s costume, but I still gave it a go. I did not like the first episode, but after a lot of convincing- the fact that I am paying for this original series, that episode four is the Doom Patrol, that it is written by a writer from Fringe (Akiva Goldsman), and the fact that I can “self edit” content if I want- I kept going. Starfire’s costume grew on me and the show had some good moments.

Robin Hawk & Dove fighting while we’re the kids in America is playing & when Raven releases her soul-self on the fake cop while tied to a chair & is back in it just before Robin opens the door. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Hawk & Dove make out scene, I’ve been in love with Minka Kelly for a while & that scene was smoking hot.


Except it was darker for Dove than for Hawk.

The end of the last episode… with the reveal of Superboy

Donna Troy was my highlight. Her beating down a crazy Starfire was like…, “Whoa!”… that was sickness.

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I loved every scene where Raven(Rachel) was using her powers I love dark demonic stuff I also loved the sociopathic family they were awesome

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