Membership Perks: What Being in the Greatest DC Supergroups Will Get You

The Justice League. The Doom Patrol. The Teen Titans. The DC Universe is filled with some of the greatest groups in all of comicdom, and each one has their perks. Whether you’re part of the Justice Society’s grand legacy, or an underdog in Harley Quinn’s crew, membership certainly has its advantages. And if you’re a DC Universe Rewards member, you might know a little something about membership benefits yourself.

Check out today’s News Article to learn the Pros and Cons of each Supergroup, especially the greatest Supergroup of all time (at least in our opinion) - DC Universe Rewards members!

Make sure you come back and let us know which Membership perks are your favorite in the comments below! :wink:


The other downside of being a Justice League member is that Zatanna will wipe your memories if you get out of line. Oh, and they’re never willing to help you rescue Lucius Fox!


I would think the Justice Society would be great. I’m huge in to history and would love to hear all the fantastic stories! Plus, Ma’s cookies can’t be bad! I like the legacy aspect so you’d see new members as well. It is a great mix of new and old!


Ah I could not pass up the great view of Earth and space for the Justice League. :man_astronaut:
I do enjoy some chili too. :drooling_face:
Being bank rolled by Bruce Wayne too is a nice incentive. :money_mouth_face:
I also did very much enjoy a Crisis, albeit was on Infinite Earths, but glad to do my part in helping out. :superman_hv_4:

Other than that, Teen Titans would have been my pick, but they would just have to switch Nightwing with Starfire, or Dove, or Donna Troy. :heart_eyes: :sweat_smile:


Downside of being in the JSA: your entire history keeps getting rewritten (Earth 2, WWII era, victims of Zero Hour/Flashpoint/Doomsday Clock).


The Justice League seems like the best. With Bruce Wayne’s bankroll, buildings, accessories, and other items can be purchased that would have been a bonus from the other groups. And, since part of the bonus of the Justice League is being able to relax when a tough battle occurs, if there is a crisis I am responsible for, and I find it to be a tough battle, I can just call on Superman. Unless I am missing something, the downside is already negated by the perk.

But, if I lived on Earth-1, I wouldn’t care about relaxing or wasting money, chances are Batman would put me to work, and to be working for him would be incredible.

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Would say the downside of being a Doom Patrol member is the chief is a very not nice person :laughing: :robotman_dp:

Also Batman probably has a contingency plan against you, which could be stolen and used against you.


I think this is a no brainer. DC Universe Rewards. I mean getting tokens that I can use to get free stuff… just by doing things I would be doing anyway? That’s the life. I don’t even have to do anything unpleasant light fighting bad guys (or good ones).

I guess the view from the Justice League tower and their status would be a close second.

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I like the Doom Patrol because it’s the ragtag misfit team. I think I’d fit into that pretty well. The downside would be the only team that would play us in softball might be The Outsiders

I would join the bat family. It’s the best group hands down. If that doesn’t count I’d go jla.

Justice League all the way! If I was any younger I’d probably go for the Teen Titans but come on the Justice League? Can’t pass that up!