Mega-Sweepstakes! Double Feature Event: Death of Superman+Reign of the Supermen

Only 15 hours left to enter, friends!

I never win anything so here’s to hoping I get this. Lmao. :joy:


Unrelated to the sweepstakes, but everybody on these chat boards are so friendly, I haven’t seen one mean thing.


aporoaches the Powers That Be You know…my birthday is right around when this event will occur. Just sayin’ in a completely innocuous way, Powers That Be. Just sayin’ :wink:


Heck yeah

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After midnight tonight, how soon will winners be announced?

I think it depends on people who may not to email their submission.

Need to email submissions.

Just got home from my free viewing of the double feature! Thank you DC Universe, it was great! Fun and exciting, and a few tears were shed during the “Death Of Superman” by more than this audience member, even though I’ve seen it before. Well worth the watch.