Media: "Joker film will cause violence"

Video Games: First time?
Films: Not really
Books: Oh shut up children

I’m failing to discern your meaning. Are you comparing the hype about the Joker film causing violence to the hype about other forms of media being accused of the same, or are you actually saying that it will inspire violence. Sorry if I’m being obtuse.

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My bad should have used “Media: Joker will cause violence” in my title of this thread


News media blames other forms of art for causing violence throughout all of history

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I remember when DOOM was blamed for Columbine because one of the shooters said it will just be like that game before he shot up the school.

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How will it cause violence exactly?

The insistence that it will cause violence may result in violence. The news networks are basically promising coverage for anyone looking to make a name.


He wasn’t saying that it will cause violence, he was drawing parallels with other sensationalized media rantings about movies/video games/comic books/television/etc. causing violence. As he admitted, he accidentally left out part of the title, which would have made it clearer. Accidents happen.

The film doesn’t cause violence but journalists will blame it if something does happen just like video games like DOOM. Video games have been their scapegoat since the 90s but seeing them regress to blaming films again is just kind of surprising to me.

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@J3D this is why we need an edit function


And it’s worth pointing out that the media “blame” Doom took, helped its sales.

One can certainly trace this back to Kefauver. Did a majority of boys committing acts of delinquency read comics, sure. But a majority of boys in the US read comics, period.

Perhaps when people stop responding in economically profitable ways, sensationalism/click-bait/etc will reduce. Until then, it’s a money maker, and it’s not going to stop. Don’t blame the media companies, blame the consumers. It’s their actions that perpetuate the cycle.

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It’s amazing how Rob Zombie can make a movie like “Three From Hell” and nobdy says anything, but because its a recognizable IP, suddenly everyone’s in a panic. It’s just a MOVIE.

It’s moreso about the character and context, not the violence. I love the joker, and I have no people with people who do, but there are some people who idolize him. Like, in my theatre there were people who liked him and supported him (which you should definitely not do). Also, given the societal issues we’re facing with mass violence, obviously the film tries to comment on that (whether it succeeds or not depends on the viewer). So, yeah, I don’t think it has do with the violence (otherwise films like John Wick and 3 From Hell wouldn’t be successful).

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Just to say that, there’s alot of movies like American Psycho or any other movie that has to deal with crazy random person killing people. REALLY!!! wake up people, it’s just an movie.

If it does result in any copycat type stuff, it will be because the film hits at the heart of our problems today. I mean substitute the government for Thomas Wayne, our current media for Murray Franklin, the mental health issues our country faces, the disenfranchised, the lack of understanding from another’s point of view, and it is easy to see how someone could act out in this way. The movie is just enough of a push to do that. Now as for a movie, I thought it was great, I just don’t think it is good to release at this moment. Definitely a really good movie though, just wish it was set closer to the DCEU so he could be The Joker for it.

So. any violence yet? or do we have to wait for opening weekend to get into full swing?

@OmniLad really the Joker film is very similar to Taxi Driver with a loner with mental problems who is a Vietnam Vet who feels isolated and disenfranchised from society that he feels abounded him and takes it out on people.

Do you believe given that context and the time it came out (1976) it would inspire a person like that to do something? Or is it a piece of art and most people can distinguish reality from fiction?

Also you can have sympathy for a character but also condemn the actions the character does.

I really haven’t paid much attention, but I guess I just assumed the concern was because the crazy guy in Aurora called himself the Joker? Not because of any message in the movie itself. Especially since the media stuck on this message before they saw it.