Me happy?

Me did not just rewatch DC Universe trailer and become quite pleased with what me did not see in the trailer compared with what me does not see on DC Universe. Me did not just see Batman/Superman: Public Enemies veiled in the trailer and show up here. Me not find this Bizarro?

I guess a bizarre format level of diction does not interest people. Anyways, in feeble human diction level, the DC Universe trailer included Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, yet it is not on here. Why?

You fool who shouldn’t have expected everyrhing from the trailers at the same time. It was meant to show how it’d be like over time.

It’s not on here, likely due to license rights with other companies. 60’s Batman is on Roku, Batman: Bad Blood is back on netflix and the DCEU are still showing on t.v. networks

Pity that your intelligence is low enough to resort to name calling.

Anyways, everything else listed in the trailer is on this site, so it is not foolish to presume that Public Enemies should be on here too.

Yeah that completly has to do with intelligence.

It is foolish because it was common sense and especially since those trailers included everything such as the upcoming original shows. It was a look into the future and possibilities. The stuff you want isn’t listed now.

Whatever though professor, you asked why and I’ve told you.

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