Mcfarlane Toys Partners With Warner Bros. Consumer Products

McFarlane Toys’ huge success story with their DC Multiverse action figures is getting bigger and better as they announce they are further expanding their relationship with DC and Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP). McFarlane Toys have entered into a global licensing agreement with WBCP to unleash a new line of McFarlane Toys designed statues, busts, and figures based on DC’s expansive roster of iconic characters. Fans and collectors can look forward to an array of McFarlane Toys created DC Direct collectibles under legendary artist Todd McFarlane’s creative direction coming in 2022.

McFarlane will also manage current DC Direct inventory.

Under McFarlane Toys, DC Direct will continue to produce high-quality collectibles, including fan-favorite lines DC Designer Series, Batman Black & White, and Harley Quinn Red, White & Black.

In 2020, McFarlane Toys launched its successful DC Multiverse line with ultra-posable action figures and vehicles to bring dozens of iconic DC characters based on the comic books, video games, and feature films to life at mass specialty retailers globally. McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse line is one of the top-selling action figure lines in the US.

McFarlane Toys will continue to sell and market all the current and upcoming pre-ordered DC offerings.


Very schway news!

My biggest hope is that Jim Fletcher is going to be involved.

I’m curious how the branding and market share will work.

Will new DCD product be labeled as “DC Direct, a division of McFarlane Toys” or something to that effect?

Whenever new figures come along, will they be sold alongside standard Multiverse product, or largely be exclusive to comic stores, specialty shops and online outlets (all of which carry DC Multiverse as well, it should be noted) as DC Direct/Collectibles generally was?

In any event, very rad news. I’m excited to hear about the finer specifics of this arrangement in the days ahead.


Cool! With the dissolving of DC Direct, I thought my chance to get some of those neat statues was completely over! Now the only thing keeping me back is the price! :sweat_smile:


The mention of how “McFarlane will also manage current DC Direct inventory” has me pondering (Pinky and The Brain-style) what that will entail.

Does this mean leftovers of older product will hit the market in some way, so as to clear out warehouse /distribution center space for what’s to come?

As the DCAU Mad Hatter once said, “Curious and curiouser.”


That’s what I was thinking – sell and maybe even reproduce stuff that has already been done, and expand their own original product to not just action figures, but statues and the like as well.


I was on Entertainment Earth’s page and found that several of the as yet unreleased figures from DC Direct were suddenly back on the release schedule.
(Hopefully, that means we’ll also get new waves of abandoned lines like JLI…)


That’s cool.

I’m hoping that some light bulbs have flicked on, and that we might finally get some new animated stuff that is actually from the DCAU (i.e. Red Claw, more STAS and Batman Beyond, etc., etc.) after the remaining Batman: The Adventures Continue product wiggles its way out.

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I am so excited to see DC Direct live on in some form. I hope the unreleased statues announced prior to the shutdown carry over. I really wanted the designer series Batgirl and Catwoman statues.


Now I need a jorge jimenez black and white statue

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