McFarlane Toys gets DC License!!!

I think this is exciting. I hope this leads to Todd possibly drawing covers to some of DC Comics!



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Nevermind. I found it. All I have to say is: “Holy flirking schnit, that is awesome!” I just hope McFarland is past their “They look good, but don’t dare look at them from an angle or they break.” level of fragility.

2020 is shaping up to already be a great year for DC toys!

Thanks for the heads up RP!




Wow, this is huge.

A three-year license probably isn’t long enough to give me the kind of collection I dream of, but it’s a good start!


Oh my gosh, I just got chills!


I wonder if they’ve already got product in development in the very earliest conceptual stages. Something to whet our appetites at Toy Fair with, like a product render or concept art.

News like this doesn’t come out without something cookin’ in the hopper already (usually).

Color me excited!


Here’s are some interesting tidbits:

A. Todd McFarlane came out with a statement earlier today stating that his company will have DC Multiverse branding for some of their DC product. I haven’t seen confirmation if they bought Mattel’s trademarks that they were using for their Multiverse branded product or if it’s just a coincidence in name/branding. I’m hoping he picks up from where Mattel eventually leaves off.

  1. McFarlane’s first big gig in comics was with DC. He became a superstar at Marvel, but first hung his hat at DC for a time. It’s fitting he’s now back in the DC fold, this time in the merchandising arena.

£. Four Horsemen Studios have done the majority of design work on Mattel’s collector based DC lines since 2003. The Four Horsemen themselves used to work for McFarlane when his company was known as Todd Toys in its early years and into the infancy of its “McFarlane Toys” branding. I wonder if Mr. McFarlane will bring them back into his fold to continue their stellar work. I sure hope so, as the FH are the best at what they do, and what they do is pretty.