McFarlane Toys DC multiverse!

So excited my shop got my first figure in and I’m absolutely in love!!! So happy about McFarlane Toys finally getting to make DC characters (especially Batman characters :joy:). This Batman the animated series figure is so dope geeked this is the first one I that came in. If I had this back in the 90s early 00s it would have been all over that little 90s kid that still lives in me feels fulfilled now lmao and CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE REST OF THEM COME IN!!!


Nice man! Still waiting for mine to come in!


I can feel the excitement in this post, @The_BATMAN_Who_LAUGHS and let me just tell you - it is mutual! AWESOME first figure, congratulations!!! I love the colors and your setup looks so nice! :partying_face: Thank you for sharing and celebrating with the community!


Got my second figure :grin:


So, I opened up Harley Quinn the other day. I have to say I think that is my favorite fig so far in this line. Now I am not a fan of the double elbow but position the fig well and it looks good. I will get a pick up here sometime.

I have seen, the animated Batman, Harley (which I picked up both) the animated GL, animated Superman, Action 1000 Superman and Batman.

If you like them all, great. I am happy for you. For me, I am happy with just Harley and Animated Batman. Which again, I opened.

I do think if you are an MOC collector, these are great. They look fantastic in the package.Enjoy and happy hunting.


LOVE it. Looks great! Excellent addition to your killer collection, @The_BATMAN_Who_LAUGHS! Congratulations!

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Lol thank you @KeyFamily I was a little worried they wouldn’t scale nicely with the Mattel figures but I think they actually look good with my other DC batfam figures that I have. I’m so excited about this I think that the DC line is in good hands with McFarlane toys from what I’ve seen so far, pictures don’t do them justice. can’t wait for the rest to come in. not sure why it’s taking so long for my shop to get them all in but they say by the end of the month I should have all the ones I ordered :grin:


The variety in sizing keeps the eye moving and allows each piece to really shine. I love the gadgets in action on that new figure. Looking around the photo, there are so many neat pieces. (Alfred with many heads?! A Harley leg lamp?! Who has that?! So awesome, @The_BATMAN_Who_LAUGHS!) Is that Batman: Damned the issue or a poster?


@KeyFamily that was a print of the comic but I have the comic also :grin:

And thank you I have a lot kind of have a problem that’s not even half of my collection I mean it’s not as majestic as @LEXC0RP set up lmao but it’s a good start I suppose :joy:


Not a problem at all! I keep my Batman: Damned first Issue in a sleeve as well. Looking forward to seeing your next group of figures!

So true, @LEXC0RP is running a slick “operation”. :wink:

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I’m wondering who will come out next
So far we have
Detective 1000 Batman
Action 1000 Superman
Animated Batman
Animated Superman
Classic Costume Harley Quinn (can’t tell if she’s supposed to be “animated” or Comic)
JLU Green Lantern
Armored Superman Unchained
Batman who laughs
CW Arrow
I’ve seen reports that there are at least 2 Wonder Woman figures coming out. (whether they’re both movie related or movie and comic is unclear as yet) and also there’s an Arkham Asylum Jokercoming.
So who else?

I’m inclined to believe we might get a long overdue updated CW Flash.
If Geoff Johns has any say in the matter I’m sure there’s a Stargirl in the immediate future since she has a live action series coming out on DCU
Another JLU figure such as Captain Atom or Green Arrow might be possible (If they start with the first episode of JLU (initiation) The initial Team is the most likely place to start)
I think there’s a Todd McFarlane styled Superman waiting in the wings, so a Batman based from Todd’s work (Year two?) might be another possibility.
Other Bat-Family members such as Robin (Damian) Red Hood (current look) Batwoman (CW?) seem very likely.
Also there’s a number of Supergirls that could be done.

Personally, I’m really hoping this isn’t a long waiting game.
I’m also hoping that McFarlane’s doors blow wide open as far as diversity of characters and lines go.
Youn Justice
Legion of Super Heroes
Green Arrow
Justice League/Unlimited/Dark/Odessey
Green lantern
New Gods
Vintage DC (Bronze, Silver and Golden Ages)


contest to win wave 1!

yesterday my walmart had 2 dcau batmans, 1 dcau superman, and one comic batman they haven’t sold cause his ears look like this and part of me really really really wants it


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