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Which figures from live action Titans and doom patrol do you think we will see first?

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I really hope we get a nightwing, deathstroke, definitely need a red hood, and maybe a raven. And for doom patrol I’m hoping all of crazy Jane’s different personalities lol, but i would take any of the doom patrol characters. But as far as what we may see first, I’m thinking from titans it will probably be either nightwing or raven, from doom patrol I’m thinking Mr. Nobody. What about you?

@rabidlaughter There is a Nightwing as part of this initial wave :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right I’m sorry i was texting and cooking at the same time lol.

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Thus we learn a valuable lesson:

DO NOT text and cook :joy:

No worries…just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you wanted to hunt one down. Pre-orders are selling out fast for these McFarlane figures, but I imagine there will be plenty on store shelves soon enough :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Personally, I’m hoping for a McFarlane Titans Superboy with Krypto! :slight_smile: Also a Doom Patrol Robotman please!!


@Kryptonian_Terran Doom Patrol Robotman would make an awesome action figure.

You think an Aqualad would be made? Even though he’s a minor character and died in like one episode

Don’t know. Not really familiar with McFarlane or how deep they cut into this stuff. Unchained Armorer Superman came outta left field, so who knows :slightly_smiling_face:?

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McFarlane did some pretty deep cuts for the Spawn line when it was a big deal, so hopefully that will apply to his DC output as well.

I see DC Collectibles as more likely to do figures based on DCU Original shows, but whether they and/or McFarlane check that box, I’m most interested in:


-Dick Grayson Robin
-Starfire (season two appearance)
-Superboy (with Krypto)
-Mercy Graves
-Dr. Light (his design is kind of silly, but another villain would be welcome)

Doom Patrol:

-Negative Man
-Mr. Nobody
-Animal/Mineral/Vegetable Man
-Flex Mentallo

For those who might be reading some initial reviews based on just the photos, I can tell you that these figures are much sexier in person. Yes, they’re a bit bigger than what we’ve been getting from Mattel or DC Collectibles, but I’m very impressed with what I’ve found so far.

I went from a McFarlane hopeful to a doubter to a fan pretty darn quickly over the past few weeks. I hope we get news at Toy Fair!

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