May Wal-Mart Issues our now

Just found issue 11 of Superman and 4 of Wonder Woman. Time to hit up your Walmart’s guys!


Sweet and thanks for the 411! I figured it was time for the new 'uns to hit.

SN: any sign of the 'Tec 80th Anniversary Giant by chance?

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Haven’t seen the 80th Batman yet.

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The Walmart reader’s white whale…

Someone should hire Robert “Quint” Shaw to find that damn thing.

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Found them tonight. No 'Tec Giant or Batman: Black and White series 2 mini-figures though.


No. Reports have been that they may be increasing the amount of original content in each book.

The original content is being reprinted in print and digital forms, and there was talk of new books in the core DC Universe line taking on the form of the Giant titles, but nothing else has come forth recently on that front.

Our local Walmart does not carry these. It annoys me. I think it would be a great way for teachers like myself to by greater quantities of different titles and stories to introduce to my students,but I cannot get them at our Walmart.

Do you have any other Walmarts in your area or just that one?

Thanks for the heads up…got my Supes title…just in time, only had 2 left in the DC bin.