May/AAPI Month Book Club: Future State Swamp Thing! May 23 - June 3


  1. In the opening pages of the first issue, “Green Father” describes a past world where humans have a preoccupation with violence. Do you agree with this view? Are we as humans prone to change through violence?

Kind of. I feel deep down humans are good and have peace in them but we act on our history which has been violence and thus that is what we only assume brings changes. I believe it can come through peace but sadly violence is more common.

  1. Why do you think the “Green Father” spared the life of a helpless human?

Because he is also human. Swamp has that peace of humanity in him and does not want to bring them to extinction.

  1. Who do you think is the “villain” in this story so far? Is there an established “good guy” and “bad guy” in this first issue?

Not really. Our hooded friend seems very obvious but you never know what twists could come.

  1. Do you believe that one of the greatest threats to humans is themselves?

Yes and no. We can be our greatest strength as well. We can build each other up help each other out and create wonderful things but nothing is perfect this we can turn that strength into a threat as well.

  1. What do you think are the themes and values of this story so far? After reading the first issue, what is your main takeaway?

That humanity can be its own end. In the end nature endures. Life is more complex than it seems.


  1. On page 4 of this issue, the concept of hope is discussed. What role do you think hope plays in this story?

Hope is everything. It what keeps you moving. It’s what helps calm her n the darkest of times. It’s how humanity endured as well as Swamp Thing.

  1. Woodrue speaks of the detriment of knowing “too much”. Can you think of any real examples of how knowing too much might be a detriment to our society?

I can’t. I don’t think knowing to much is a bad thing. It’s important to know but not just know but how to act. As well as willing to understand even if you know that knowledge is not absolute as it’s always changing and evolving.

  1. When confronted by Green Father’s, Drue asks if he is worthy of Green Father’s love. Do you think this is Drue’s motivation? To be loved? If not, what do you think is his real motivation?

I think all he wants is the Greens acceptance. That denial lead him feeling unworthy and in wanted leading to him doing what he can to gain the greens attention.

  1. Green Father considers having a soul to be capable of becoming more than what one is. Do you agree with this assessment?

Yes. But a soul can come in many more forms than just our typical way. I believe it is our experiences in life that create to soul. This slowing one to grow and change and just be.

  1. At the conclusion of this issue, a comparison between eternal hope and plant life is made. Do you think this comparison is accurate?

Yes. All hope needs is a spark just as plants only need a seed to start. The rest is up to you.

Overall I really liked these issues and stories. Always like reading Swamp Thing and this did not disappoint.