Mattel Loses DC License

Personally, I think it was time for a change. Mattel dropped the ball years ago and has not picked it back up. Mattel has been improving over the past year, but the Quality Control issues are unbearable. The articulation needs improvement. Mattel’s DC Universe Classics is regarded as the best 6 inch DC figures to exist by many collectors. I have to agree, even tho the articulation is somewhat dated compared to today’s Hasbro. The design of the characters are great and there was a plethora of characters. I don’t see why Spin Master wouldn’t innovate/introduce a 6inch (1/12th scale) action figure line. I hope Spin Master seeks justice for those DC action figure collectors, because I stopped collecting Mattel’s subpar product a few years ago. I do know DC Collectibles is trying to do better with their action figure line, but they lack accessories and durability. The sculpts are great, but they should price them lower. What do you action figure collectors think of this news?


I’m a huge fan of Mattel. No other mass market company (rules out DC Direct/Collectibles) has given us anywhere near the depth of character variety they have in many of their lines in 16 years. The Kenner and Kenner/Hasbro eras are great (especially for Super Powers) bit Mattel dwarfs it all.

Incorporating Four Horsemen Studios to handle the sculpting on many of their collector based lines was and is great and gives them a huge leg up over the Honored Competition. Four Horsemen Studios is what it is for good reason.

That said, they have their weaknesses but the overwhelming good outweighs it in my opinion.

Has it been confirmed if Spin Master will be making action figures too? Last I knew, it was only miscellaneous product categories that Mattel was not currently producing product from.

SM doesn’t launch product for over a year from now, so whatever they make will be interesting to see. In the meantime, I need to get the rest of the Lex Luthor wave from the Multiverse line =)

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Unfortunately, SM has not confirmed they are making action figures. I hope they do. I want another era of DCUC! I hope SM will let Four Horseman Studios sculpt. It’s kinda of sad this situation happened when Mattel started to improve the multiverse line.

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I’d be surprised if Mattel let’s go of the action figure segment, unless Warner Consumer Products just says “Take it all.” to SM at some point this year.

DCUC is a trademark owned by Mattel so if SM does a similar line (and it’s always welcome!) it will be another name; unless they buy the trademark from Mattel that is.

The new Multiverse figures are pretty schway. I mean, Kilmer Batman (first time there’s ever been a movie accurate figure of him in the regular suit), Shipp Flash, Carter WW and the other comic/movie goodness (especially Clayface and Cruz GL)? Me likey =)

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Mattel never knew how to handle the license. Their availability was almost as bad as DC Collectibles! And when you did find them, the selection was terrible! I would have liked to see Mattel and DC Collectible collaborate. Use DC Collectibles designs with the production and release into stores being done by Mattel.

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I’d love to see Mattel work with DC Collectibles on a Line. DC Collectibles had some really great designs. Combine those with Mattel’s production and retail license… we could have some wonderful looking figures! Mattel would just need to actually release them wide like Marvel figures

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I had nearly every DCUC and recently parted ways with most of it. I wanted to collect something comparable but couldn’t find anything with the range of characters they had. Plus I didn’t like some of the scaling for certain characters. Red Robin was taller than Batman and Superman.

Shame. The multiverse figures have improved so much. Added articulation and interchangeable parts. Things were looking up.

I love the DC multiverse figures…I collected most of them. Did not like that there was no official check list. Thanks for clearing up why I haven’t seem any in stores lately

Mattel still has a full year of DC product to release and there will be some stuff announced next month at Toy Fair. I don’t believe Spin Master will be the only company announced as having a DC license in 2020. We already know that Funko has a piece of the license with their DC Savage World line.