Matt Reeves "The Batman"

Is anyone else exited for Reeves new Batman movie. Personally I can’t wait at first i was a little concerned about the casting choices but i gave it a while and now I actually like the cast. It looks like it could be a really fantastic film.


Stoked, can’t wait. Very excited and think this one has some HIGH potential

Yep. 2021 will have three three DC movies and four MCU movies. Wow!

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I was excited when Matt Reeves signed on, loved his Apes movies.

Got an excitement bump when Pattinson got cast. Anyone who has seen him outside of those twilight films knows that this guy has serious acting chops.

But the clincher for me was Zoe Kravitz as Selina. I’ve loved her in everything she’s done. And I seriously think she may be a social experiment… Lets get two of the most attractive people in the world to have a child and see how perfect they turn out.