MASTER TOPIC: Digital Badge Suggestions

Hey fellow DC Universe fans!
We’ve loved hearing your thoughts and suggestions for improving our beloved community, and are taking them all into consideration as we try to build upon them. With that in mind, we come to you all with another part of this brighter tomorrow…badges! With your combined superpowers, we would love to hear your thoughts on the types of badges you would like to have and what DC name you would give each of those badges.

So, super heroes and heroines unite and let us know what badges you want to see!


Depends on how you get the badges? Maybe for watching certain content you get a character related badge like if your watching Batman the animated series you could get character related badges like: The Caped Crusader, the Worlds Greatest Detective, Boy Wonder, the Laughing Fish, and so on. But that’s how it would be with all the shows and comics but idk how the badges are obtained or if members would already have them.


@tjharris412.97134, that’s kind of the point! No one starts with badges- they’re earned through actions on the platform.

Your example of watching B:TAS is a good one- if you watch the whole thing, you unlock a badge.

Some examples of what we’re thinking:

-Read 100 Comics
-Sign up for 2nd Annual Subscription
-Read 10 Comics
-Read 50 Comics
-Read 100 Comics

Right now we’re just brainstorming so the sky is the limit. Once reality strikes it will craft our plans a bit further :slight_smile:


The Crisis Badge: Dealing appropriately to difficult situations (community guidelines, PSA).

The Detective Badge: Help answer or redirect people to common questions.

The Power Badge: Kindness

The Lantern Badge: Submit your own original Fan Creations

The Flash Badge: Perseverance

The Arrow Badge: Commitment

The Super Badge: Integrity


A badge if you preordered


could we have a Book Club Badge? For either DCU BC or DC Daily Book Club. Somthing like comment in the Book Club threads X times and you get it. (If possible).

Some other ideas: TitansT1 Badge (finished Titans S1). A TitansT2 badge (Titans Season 1 and read TNTT #1-20). TitansT3 (Titans T2 + TNTT #21-40). TitansT4 (TitansT3 + The entirety of TNTT and Tales of TNTT)

A doom patrol tiered badge: DPT1(Finish Season 1). DPT2 (Morrison Doom Patrol #19-33) DPT3 (Doom Patrol #34–>) DPT4(all of Morrison DP + Young Animal DP)

A Shazam Tiered badge ST1(Read Shazam! The New Beginnings). ST2 (Power of Shazam #1-25 + T1). ST3(all of Power of Shazam Pre-reboot and the Justice League B story Shazam)

A Rebirth Badge T1(Read X number of rebirth titles) T2(X Number + Dark Nights Metal with Tie ins + Justice League vs. Suicide Squad) T3(Read the Rebirth Highlights list I’ve been working on. I’ll email the working doc to Applejack. Trying to finish it by DC Ultimate’s update)

My original idea of DCU was a place that focused on the interconnectivity of comics. The focus on not only the TV part but the source material)


Love the book club badge and the milestone badge ideas. Although maybe set the reading bar higher since we’re getting 20,000+ comics.


There could be several tiers of reading badges, of course.

I suggested a few just last night in another thread! I’ll cross-post them here.


Worlds greatest detective badge: Answer X questions in the community boards.
Corps badge: share an original creation in the community
Fastest man alive: be the first to leave a review on a comic, episode, or movie
Zero year: pre order DC universe
Year one: buy a one year subscription
New 52!: Read 52 or more comics from the new 52 era


It would be cool to have them for reading comic runs or completing tv series. With this app I was thinking of not buying anymore comics since things I’ve wanted to read are on the app. Almost all of the television series and movies are in my home as well. I guess I can pass them onto my nieces.

  1. A Riddler badge for successfully “catching” The Riddler on Tuesdays.

  2. A Blue Beetle badge for submitting a constructive bug report.

  3. A Watchmen badge for participating in a Watch-Along.

  4. A Wayne Enterprises badge for spending a certain amount of money at the Store.

  5. A Detective Chimp badge for winning one of my weekly Scavenger Hunts. :3

  6. A Daily Planet badge for getting your question answered on an AM(a)A.

  7. A Morpheus Badge for exemplary entries on Fan Creation Friday prompts.

  8. A Johnny DC badge for logging into the app every day for a month.


There I go speed reading again…

I thought you folks were offering to badger us…


Hmmm…I’ve a few ideas

  1. DCAU Badge- watch all series of the DC animated universe as well as the movies that are apart of them.

  2. Comic Veteran Badge- for those who have read most of the DC comics that have had major impact the Universe as a whole or the individual characters.

  3. Trivia Badge- can answer some Trivia questions and have great knowledge on DC comics.

  4. Community Badge- for those who join in the watch along, book clubs, and other threads in the DC Universe Community content

  5. Creavtive Thread Badge- make a thread that is unique and people throw all sorts ideas.

  1. A Flash badge for watching or reading something the day that it goes up.

  2. An Ambush Bug badge that can only be gotten by reading a certain comic… but that comic changes every day.

  3. A Harbinger badge for reading X number encyclopedia entries.

  4. Badges that correspond to the periodic “Which X Are You?” quizzes on the site. (Locked to one per user.)

  5. The rare, coveted Question badge, for being the winner of a season of ANSWER… THE QUESTION!

  6. A Batsignal badge for watching X hours of videos between nightfall and sunrise.

  7. A Lois Lane badge for leaving X reviews on books or videos.

  8. A Booster Gold badge for starting a community thread that gets X likes.

  9. A Titans Tower badge for starting a community thread with 100+ comments.


I would love a few unique badges for certain community members like @MattMcDonald and @JLWWSM for their leadership in book club. A badge that sets those type of people apart slightly since they have done a lot for the community.

I definitely support most of the the ideas here. I want some really out there ones that you have to go through some hoops for, like read a certain group in the encyclopedia and a badge unlocks. Like you unlocked the Justice League badge cause you assembled the characters by looking at their encyclopedia pages.

Can’t wait to see what the badge system ends up looking like. I definitely hope there are a lot of secret ones we don’t know about because that adds to their fun.


This is a repost of something I posted in another thread but it is relevant to this thread as well.
I like the idea of little badges similar kind of to what twitch does. So here are some random ideas for badges.
In no particular order

  1. Length of continuous membership
  2. amount of shows watched/ movies watch/ comics read (different badges for each)
  3. amount of threads made/ comments on threads made (same badge, like an engagement badge)
  4. character specific badges. ( read/watched all the self-titled Aquaman content on DCU get and Aquaman badge and same thing at least for each justice league member) [my lord getting the batman badge would be difficult]
  5. If MetaMadhouse type events continue then perhaps a badge for the character you voted for winning.
  6. Joker Badge (get a mod to chuckle get the joker badge) [might encourage a friendly spirit in the community]
  7. Spectre Badge/ [Insert reference here] Virus Badge (a badge that is given out/spreads in an unknown way)

Finally my personal favorite

  1. The Question Badge (have a wild and crazy conspiracy theory about what is going to happen in a show/ comic that nobody believes but ends up being true.

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!


So badges will be like what trophies/achievements are on Playstation/Xbox?

COOL! I had no idea that the app could track your activites, this will give me that much more motivation to

Do stuff!!!


thought of a couple more ideas

  1. Robin Badge - Read comics or encyclopedia, & watch anything that deals with each of the Robins from Dick, Jason, Tim, & Damain, Robins.

  2. Teen Titans Badge- Read up on each member in encyclopedia, read a certain number of of comics, watch the animated series.


The Superman Badge: being on since day one
Black Canary: Being vocal in the community (leave X amount of comments/feedback)
X superhero badge: read a Y amount of X’s comments (where X is any superhero)