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Thank you for the information.

I just checked the post “What’s New on DCUI: October 2021” again.

According to this, the release dates on DC Universe Infinite are 10/12/2021 (Hardware: Season One #3) and 10/19/21 (Static: Season One #4).

Apparently there is an error with the dates.

Technically, that’s not an error. Those dates I believe are projections and if there’s publication delays its not DCUI’s fault.

Someone else can correct me if I’m wrong on that.

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Thanks for fixing Witching Hour #11, it works now. :+1:


@michael_pfeiffer @LK3185 That would be correct (to my knowledge).

DC recently released a statement that mentioned how they are currently experiencing severe issues with the global supply chain, which affects the entire comic industry. For a lot of different reasons (including Covid-related delays and a literal paper shortage), production’s been delayed for a lot of comics, which they predict could last up to several months, unfortunately.

From the looks of it, Hardware: Season One #3 and Static: Season One #4 are predicted to be released on November 16th and November 2nd respectively.

We’re gonna do the best we can to get content up as soon as it’s made available to us, but the delayed release dates – which could also change – are sadly out of our hands. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Infinite Frontier #0 pages 41-42 look like they should be a double page spread if I’m not mistaken. The art doesn’t spill over from one page to the next, but the captions make more sense if they’re read all the way across (“They need to face that they aren’t in control anymore. / That the old ways aren’t going to work like they used to. / That they are going to have to change.”).

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Thank you for the report @mrombach! I’ve added this to our list; it does seem like the captions make more sense in a double-page spread. :slight_smile:

I’m still having this same problem. Can’t read either issue even after deleting the app on both devices, reinstalling and restarting the device. Any word on these two issues?

Hi @frshmasterfrsh.65671, welcome to the Community! I’m sorry you’re having an issue reading these. What type of device are you experiencing it on? And just to confirm, is it Superman Red & Blue #1 and Nightwing #78 you’re unable to read?

Hello, yes those are the two. I’m reading on an Android phone and Android tablet. Both issues are still not loading on both devices. Sometimes I get the Alfred screen, but usually they are just black.

Thanks for providing that information! I’ve let the team know you’re having this issue, so they’re aware of it now. :slight_smile:

The just-added Superman (2018) #30 is out of place on the series page, currently between issues #27 & 28.

The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 10 :1st_place_medal: 10/18/2021

It’s missing from the new releases. Could you please add it.

Thanks in advance.

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@KookieSuperApe Thanks bud! Looks like a simple fix, so I’ll get that mentioned today.

@michaelvhm.47507 I will also get that looked into today. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for reporting!



the comic “Justice League # 59” should be published at DC Universe Infinite last week. Or am I wrong here?

Thank you for your hard work.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @michael_pfeiffer! We’ve let the content team know. We don’t have an ETA, but they are working on getting it added. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s now available:
The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 10 :1st_place_medal: 10/18/2021


I still can’t get past page 12 of Suicide Squad #2 on my iPhone, iPad, or Safari. Any updates?

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Our team let us know yesterday that they’ll be looking into getting it resolved ASAP, so rest assured it is indeed on our radar and still being investigated.

Sorry for the inconvenience! And thanks for reporting, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Green Lantern (2021) seems to be missing its series preview image. The title should also probably have a “(2021)” thrown on there to properly differentiate it from the other Green Lantern series that are on here.

I’ve written it down, thanks for the report! :grin:

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