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Joshua Hale Fialkov is miscredited as co-writer of Red Lanterns #21-22. He was originally solicited to work on those issues, but exited the series before he began and Charles Soule took over. Fialkov is not credited in the issues themselves.

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Supermanโ€™s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #148 is missing the backup story, โ€œThe Meanest Man on Earthโ€.


Thank you for letting us know @HubCityQuestion! Iโ€™ve handed this upwards to be looked at :).

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Thank you for reporting this @mostly42harmless! This has been passed upwards to the team.

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The 1971 and 1989 New Gods series have the same series icon. That image goes with the 1989 series. Comixology has a different image for the 1971 series.

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Thanks Kookie! Iโ€™ve reported this to the team for them to take a look at :slight_smile:

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  1. Batman and the Outsiders (1983) Annual #1 is out-of-place on the series page. Itโ€™s currently between issues #8 & 9, but should be between issues #13 & 14.

  2. Outsiders (1985) Annual #1 is out-of-place on the series page. Itโ€™s currently last on the page, but should be between issues #14 & 15.

All of the issues for the above two series also have incorrect publication dates. It looks like whoever put them together simply chose the first Wednesday of each month, rather than the exact date that the issues were released. The accurate release dates for each issue can be found here and here.

  1. Finally, is it OK if I re-report the Ex Machina specials that are out-of-place on that series page? I initially reported it on the same day of the DCUI transition two months ago, so it may have been overlooked then with everything else that was going on, and all of the other out-of-order issue reports that Iโ€™ve made since then have all been corrected.

To be as detailed as possible:


Iโ€™ve added these to the list and re-reported your Ex Machina report. Ty @KookieSuperApe!

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The 2009 Red Tornado series miscredits Greg Weisman as a co-writer. Weisman was originally slated to write this series but was replaced by Kevin VanHook. Weismanโ€™s name does not appear in the issues.


Thanks for the heads up, HCQ! Iโ€™ve let the team know :slight_smile:


Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special - #1 - (2007) - Pages out of Order - Page 1 appears as Page 8 instead

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax - #1 - (2007) - Missing Pages - Missing Original 20th Page of Comic

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Hello! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports, Iโ€™ve added them to the list for the DC Team to take a look at.

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Injustice y1 number 35 and year 2 number 14 both fail to load images. just blank pages.

A good chunk of new 52 batman Tom kings run has the same problem.

Hi @margopk33.23700, Iโ€™m sorry to hear youโ€™re having this issue. Are you having issues with images loading in any other issues? And what device are you reading them on?

iโ€™m reading on an evoo which is running up to date android 9. New 52 batman stops working at 18 and continues not working for at least 3 more issues. Keep in mind the comic book opens, but its the images on the pages that are failing to load.

I reached out to support and havent gotten a second response after โ€œdid you delete the app and redownload itโ€ which i have done.

Thank you so much for responding

Weโ€™ve sent ya a DM regarding this issue, just posting here too so we have a record of it. Thanks!

  1. Superman (1939) #241 and 242 are missing the back-up reprint stories that are parts of those issues. They apparently werenโ€™t digitized when the issues were done in 2017. However, the writers and artists of the back-up stories (Bill Finger, Leo Dorfman, Wayne Boring, Stan Kaye, Otto Binder and Carmine Infantino) are credited on the issues, and the descriptions of the issues make mention of the back-ups, despite those stories not appearing.

(Side note: it would be cool if the digitization team could re-do those two issues so that the back-up stories could be included as intended.)

  1. Supergirl/Team Luthor Special #1 is on the Superman (1939) series page, but should be on the Superman (1987) series page. That is also the series that Comixology includes that issue with (see the One-Shots section towards the bottom of the page).
  1. The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Annual #2 is out-of-place on the series page. It should be between issues #303 and 304 (the bottom of the last page of issue #303 advertises the Annual as being โ€œon sale next weekโ€).

  2. The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Annual #3 is also out-of-place on the series page. Itโ€™s currently placed before issue #314, but it should be between issues #315 and 316, according to the publication dates here. Additionally, Saturn Girl is depicted as still being pregnant in issue #314, whereas she gives birth in Annual #3, so it needs to be placed afterwards to make any chronological sense, regardless of publication date.

Huge error here!

April Fools! :crazy_face: :hugs:


Iโ€™ve taken note of these reports and will send them on up, thanks so much!