Master Thread: "I'm New to DC Comics! What Should I Read?"

I would recommend checking out the following sections on the Comic Books tab:

Get to Know



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Get to know
Is very good for
Including episodes with that character

But only
Dick Grayson
The Teen Titans
The Flash
Wonder Woman

Have the
Start.Readong Section
Lists issues to read

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A few to check out

All Star Superman
Batman: Year One/The Long Halloween/Dark Victory
The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman
Swamp Thing by Len Wein/Alan Moore
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison
Legends of the Dark Knight #1-23
Robin/Batgirl Year One
Batman New 52 Run/Detective Comics Rebirth
Batman: The Black Mirror
Green Lantern/Greean Arrow: Hard Travelin Heroes
Suicide Squad by John Ostrander
DC: The New Frountier
Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Batwoman New 52 #1-24
Wonder Woman Rebirth
Zatanna by Paul Dini
Wonder Woman by George Perez
Aquaman New 52
The Flash by Mark Waid
Kingdom Come

Others to check out that are not on here yet?

The Sandman/Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman


Since you don’t know much about DC

Watch Secret Origins Siory of DC Comics. it covers DC Comics up to the the big three British Authors Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison

It only takes an hour and a half and gives you a solid background in the History of DC Comicd

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I’ve always wanted to bc I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman, but I didn’t even realize that was a dc comic!! shows how new I am lol. I’ll definitely start that up soon

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wow, thank you for such a comprehensive guide!! I’ll definitely work through this list over the summer (-:

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It came out through their Vertigo label, but its 100% DC.

Try the first volume. By the end of that, you’ll know if its for you. My guess would be you’ll be hooked.

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Since you enjoy horror and romance, I think you might like House of Mystery (2008) and I Vampire (2011). You might also like Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison and Swamp Thing by Alan Moore and maybe even the original Len Wein run. All of these books are on DC Universe.

If they ever add Sandman and Fables to the service I’m sure you’ll enjoy those as well.


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Those pages also contain comic book issues that introduce and/or highlight the character.

All Star Squadron
Infinity Inc
The Young All Stars
Camelot 3000
V For Vendetta
Green Lantern

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I have looked ar
Get to Know a lot

It does
Show isssues and series

But often there is no care
In the choosing
It is not curated

Aquaman just lists series by year
Not the best series

Start Reading articles
From the News Section
For each character
Having such
Should be in
Get to.Know

I gave the mods the dates of each
Nothing was done

Also neebies
Should be pointed to
These more comprehensive
Get to Knows
When they come here

It varies from page to page. All of them are curated. Some are more precisely curated than others.

There’s no agreement on “the best series.” If I were to revise the page, I might separate the titles into three sections (Silver Age, post-Crisis, and post-Flashpoint), but otherwise, it has the titles that serve as the easiest jumping-on points.

The first group of issues (which are all sequential) establish the first appearances of Dorothy and provide the transition into the Grant Morrison run. Why would they not include her introduction into the series? And then the page provides two major Dorothy-centric storylines and links to three other stories in which she appears. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that page.

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Re Dorothy

My fault
I didnt.research it
Thought she was a Grant Morrison creation
Really don’t know my Doom Patrol

That is a lot of issues

The question of where to start
with a character is not often sequential

That is why a small curated list is best to start with

These lists exist
And they are
The Start Reading Articles
Which I list in my link

And the newbie
Should knowc about these lists
Should be able to find these lists

The newbie starts ar the beginning
Get discouraged
And gives up on the service
And we lose a member
When it is unnecessary

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There certainly are things that could be done better. I don’t think that the site completely fails at being accessible to new readers, but there’s real room for improvement: taking what’s already working and refining it to work better.

On top of that, what I’d really like in the forum is the following: a pinned thread in the Essential Reading section that acts as the official recommended reading topic. The first post would offer an introduction and would provide links to all of the following posts. Each subsequent post would highlight a particular character or team and offer recommendations (possibly in wiki form to allow additions, but the posts would have to be monitored carefully to ensure consistent formatting and to protect against vandalism). The topic would need to be closed from regular discussion to ensure that it doesn’t become cluttered and unusable.

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The main problems in the
Essential Readings sections

Few know it exists. It simply is not part of the drop down list

A lot of non essential reading

No real recommendations
Other than
The master thread

The master thread
In comic book recommendations
is by type of story
Not character
And it varies in quality
From post to post

It appears on my screen to the right as one of the “Helpful Resources” when I’m looking at any forum in the community. It’s right below the Community Guidelines and FAQS links.

Agreed, which is why I think we need a new thread that’s carefully designed. Anyway, we probably need to stop commandeering this thread to discuss the matter.

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These are all great recommendationd I’ll have to look at all of them

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Sorry I’m late, but Super Sons is fantastic. I’d recommend that book. It’s fun, well written, and the art is fantastic . It’s not overwhelming for new readers. Hope you find something you like. Cheers!

Jesus, scare the newbie off why don’t you guys. A Harley Quinn head dive needs more attention! Truss as the kiddies say…

Titans would be my next stop on the bus. Then if you like the serial set up, Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing. This is considering what you put down as genre preferences.

As for animation destination one should be Death of Superman or Doomsday. Followed up by Dark Knight 1 and 2. Any Justice League Dark! Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, into Teen Titan Movies…

Then Hit the JL series starting with Doom to Apokolyps War.

Young Justice then Legion of Super Heroes

Then go back in time to the live action movies. Start from the beginning Superman, Batman, etc… to today!

Enjoy the journey… Read Crisis on Infinite Earths, it is a must! And enjoy all the great comics!

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So I have been a long time comic reader and love DC, my wife… not so much with the reading. She loves all comic book movies and TV shows (dc universe and regular cable shows), but has never really gotten into reading comics. I cant think of where to start her off. She’s agreed to do a book club with me where we read 1 issue a week. Any suggestions?

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