Master Thread: "I'm New to DC Comics! What Should I Read?"

I am also new to dc, and comics in general, but I recommend supersons. It is silly, campy, and just all around fun.

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All Star Superman

Kingdom Come

Wonder Woman New 52


Geoff John’s Green Lantern Run ! Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night! Then Scott Snyders New 52 Batman.


Action: Green Lantern The Sinestro Corps War
Team Up: JLA 1-4 New World Order
Mystery: The New Teen Titans #38 Who Is Donna Troy
Romance: Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special
Horror: Swamp Thing #21 The Anatomy Lesson
Magic: Zatanna: Everyday Magic

That’s all I got for now.


Welcome to the wonderful world of DC Comics! If you’re looking to stretch outside of Batman’s long grim shadow, presented below is my personal recommendation list for each of these categories.

:muscle:t4:Action: Superman: Up, Up, and Away!
:family_man_man_girl_girl:Team-Ups: Justice League: The New Frontier
:male_detective:t2:Mystery: Watchmen
:rose:Romance: Mister Miracle (Tom King, Mitch Gerads)
:japanese_ogre:Horror: The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes
:microscope:Science: Booster Gold: 52 Pick-Up
:sparkles:Magic/Fantasy: The Books of Magic (Neil Gaiman)
:joy:Humor: Teen Titans GO!
:books:Classic: Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus, Vol. 1
:iphone:Modern: Silencer (Dan Abnett)

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I’m pretty new too lol

I can recommend a Mystery
It’s called Gotham Academy
It’s about a girl named Olive who is enrolled into Gotham Academy. She has barely any memory of what happened over the last summer break, and she has an unexplained fear of bats. She eventually bands together with a group of misfits to make the Detective Club to solve any of the strange mysteries surrounding the school.

It’s certainly more lighthearted than other DC stories, but it’s still a fun read

Just watch TITANS season 1 n u found what u looking for

All star Superman
The Dark Knight returns
Grant Morrison run of Batman
New Teen Titans
Anything written by Geoff Johns
Scott Snyder Batman

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Read all of the Injustice year 1

Then teen titans the Judas contract

Bat man hush

The war between jokes and riddles

And all of the dc Metal Comics

Injustice is good, but I won’t recommend it to someone who is new to DC. You will miss much of the fun if you are not familiar with the characters.


My roommate literally asked me this exact same question and it was the best thing ever bc I finally had an excuse to geek out with someone lol

Considering.g what’s going on with DC comics and stuff, I recommended to her (and this goes to anyone else here that’s new) anything out of Rebirth. DC Universe Rebirth is a good one shot issue that sets the canon up for people, like setting up Wally West’s path, setting up the Watchmen thread, and other minor things, like Barbara being Batgirl again, or Green Arrow and Black Canary not being a couple right away. There’s very specific kinds of series that lend itself to specific things one may or may not like. If you like team ups, there’s the Titans, Teen Titans, Justice League, JLA, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Detective Comics (although you’d look for a very specific arc about the Gotham Knights), and maybe one or two that I’ve missed. For the kids with the humor, Teen Titans or Super Sons are great for that. Nightwing’s solo series has great street level crime drama with great focus on the best boy, Dick Grayson. Bendis is doing good stuff with Superman’s series of that’s your cup of tea, and Tom King’s run with Batman is pretty awesome.

Just my two cents.


Haha @reemasbaid! Those poor, unsuspecting newbies who open our floodgates… :wink:


Action: Grant Morrison’s “JLA”, New 52 “Justice League”

Team-Ups: “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” Omnibus, “DC Comics Presents”

Mystery: “Batman: Hush”, “Identity Crisis”

Science: “The Flash: The Silver Age”

Magic/Fantasy: “Wonder Woman” by George Perez

Humor: “Batman ‘66”

Classic: Any of the Golden Age volumes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Modern: “Dark Knight Returns”, “New Frontier”

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Read Scott Snyder’s run on Batman, Peter J Tomasi’s Super Sons

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Batman Eternal is a gripping story. However there is so many great stories out there you can do what I did and just jump in😁 so farcI have not be disappointed. I wish they would have all of The Blackiest Night (Green Lantern).

Batman I am Gotham

Action: I think most Justice League comics are a great place for high stakes action. A good starting point would be Justice League: Origins
Team-Ups: Forever Evil. It’s relatively self contained and gives depth to many of DC’s best villains.
Mystery: Batman Eternal, Batman: Hush, Batman: The Long Halloween. Being a detective it makes sense that his stories are some of the best mysteries, I prefer the first two to Long Halloween though. Personally I think TLH is a tad overrated, still good though.
Romance: Ehhhh. Identity Crisis? Kind of? I liked it but parts of it don’t age very well. Also while romantic relationships are a running theme, I wouldn’t really consider it a romance story.
Horror: Not really horror, but Batman: Death Of The Family is pretty creepy at parts. Also as others have noted all of Scott Snyder’s Batman is worth reading.
Science: I mean none of it is really science, but Green Lantern is sometimes written as Sci-Fi. I liked volumes 1-3 of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps in the New 52
Magic/Fantasy: I liked New 52 Justice League Dark, though it’s campy at parts. It serves as a good introduction into the supernatural elements of the DC universe
Humor: Batman 66’ is really the only one I know of.
Classic: The Knightfall arc is a pretty great Batman story, plus it introduces a lot of characters. Avoid reading any silver age (50s-70s) superman though.
Modern: Superman: Birthright is a good intro to that character. Rebirth: All Star Batman is great. Flashpoint is also a good introduction into how comic reboots typically work, since it’s one of the least confusing. However you should have at least a basic knowledge of the characters to fully appreciate it.

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JL Dark (2011)

Since people are still adding suggestions. I would like to say I would love Batman:Cacophony and/or Batman: Batman: The Widening Gyre. Since we got the Kevin Smith Green Arrow stories, why not get his Batman stories. Especially Cacophony since it features Onimonipia (however that is spelled) who was introduced in his last Green Arrow story.

Since there are already many suggestions based on style, I’ll make some character-based suggestions for new readers who want to dig into certain characters.

Start with the Rebirth run by Gleason and Tomasi (2016-). You might get a little confused when you reach the Mxyzptlk arc. But all you need to know about this arc is that it’s meant to merge the identities of New 52 and Pre-Flashpoint Superman back together.

Wonder Woman:
Star with the Rebirth run by Rucka (2016-)

Read Court of Owls and follow through Snyder’s New 52 run (2011-2016)

Green Lantern
If you want to dive deep into Green Lantern mythos, definitely read the run by Geoff Johns (2005-2011). It completely redefined the modern worlds of Green Lantern. On the other hand, if you just want to casually read something about GL, the Rebirth run on Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz (Green Lanterns, 2016-) has some good stories and is a great starting point.

The Flash:
If you are interested in reading Wally West as the Flash, start with Mark Weid run or Geoff Johns run. Or if you prefer to read more about Barry Allen, just start with the Rebirth run by Williamson (2016-). The two-Wally West thing might get a little confusing if you start here, but I don’t think it will be a serious problem for the reading.

Start with Geoff Johns New 52 run (2011- ). Great stories, and the whole run is what the movie is based on.

These are just my two cents, and I’m not all that familiar with many other characters, so I guess I’ll leave those to someone else :wink:

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