Master Thread: "I'm New to DC Comics! What Should I Read?"

“Madame Xanadu”, self contained don’t have to worry about the order or ruining a crossover by reading issue involved in it. Plus it’s the best comic I’ve read on this site that I’d never heard of. I believe it won 4 Eisner awards but didn’t fact check, almost positive that’s true tho. It definitely won more then 2.

JL Dark, Swamp Thing, Frankenstein agents of shade, Animal Man then read “Rotworld”

Almost anything JLA ( especially Morrison) & JSA. If it doesn’t bother u start with the older ones.

All star Squadron & Infinity inc.

Batman can’t miss really same with WW or Supes

Lastly, anything Geoff Johns, Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, Gail Simone, George Perez. Anything Teen Titans & Titans & Outsiders. Got sloppy so many more but I’m ruining this thread going all over the place.

Sorry I’m back already Doom Patrol anything Doom Patrol. Worth it to start at ground floor as far back as u can go til the recents. All of em so worth it.

Well depends on your taste.
If you like grittier crime stories, I would personally recommend the Mike Grell: Green Arrow run. It’s my personal favorite run of my second favorite character. Any run of ‘The Question’ is a good starting point as well if you want something a little more obscure and get some easy fan points for reading that character.
If you like any kind of mythology and more fantasy based kind of stories, I would start with George Perez’s ‘Wonder Woman’ run. It’s my favorite comic run on my favorite character. If you want something that isn’t quite so tied to Greek mythology, Jack Kirby’s ‘New Gods’ is great for some essential DC mythology.
Into science fiction, Geoff Johns ‘Green Lantern’ is iconic and extremely well done. John Byrne’s run on ‘Man of Steel’ and the following Superman stories until ‘The Return of Superman’ is great and probably my favorite Superman comic era. Though Peter David’s Supergirl is very good as well.
Maybe you’re more into ensemble books, then you should definitely check out George Perez and Marv Wolfman’s run on ‘New Teen Titans’. It is the essential read for DC team books that is closest to Claremont’s ’ Uncanny X-men’ in terms of great quality team books. Grant Morrison’s run on JLA is great if you want the classic ‘Justice League’ with wonderful characterization. I’ll even add the 1984 run on ‘Legion of Superheroes’ as great read. This last pick won’t help all that much if you’re not into the show, but the Greg Weisman ‘Young Justice’ tie-in comics are great. Just stick through issues 3-6 as they are not written by him; I would even say you could skip those issues. Oh, almost forgot, Chuck Dixon’s ‘Birds of Prey’ is the best run on that title in my personal opinion.
Can’t give you any recommendation in terms of horror as it’s not my cup of tea. Some final recommends with no common themes: The ‘Injustice’ comic run is the best alternate universe story. Marv Wolfman’s run on Deathstroke is my favorite run on an anti-hero. Chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing is an excellent pick for a Batman universe book. 90’s run on the ‘Robin’ book is very good as well. Final run recommend would be Paul Dini’s run on Zatanna if you are into a more mystical side of comics.
Hope this list helps you out(even if it is coming almost a year after the post.

I would recommend Batman: Mad Love as well.

This depends on how you want to get started, and how far you want to get into it. I am new in the sense that I am just getting back into comics over the past few years because it is something my boys have gotten into. Perfect for me since I was into them as a kid, but not at the level we are now. You can get into the story lines, a favorite character, or favorite writer(s) and/or artist(s). If it is something you are interested in getting a little more into because you like the movies/tv shows, then I would recommend looking into the Dollar Comics. These are iconic issues that have been reprinted and will give you an idea of whether you enjoy comics for comics with the least amount of investment.
When I got back into it, I picked up a couple of random issues for characters I enjoyed previously. Ended up subscribing to a couple at my local shop, and then hit that slippery slope this hobby is. I decided to stay with newer/current issues for the most part, but trades are a great way to go back and read back issues for any series you get into.

My newbie to newbie recommendations:
Watchmen (the trade, or issue #1 is out in Dollar Comics)
If you enjoy that, then Doomsday Clock
Dark Night’s Metal
Justice League No Justice
Harley Quinn
Killing Joke
The current Batman run has been up and down, but looks very promising moving forward
Constantine (Reading the trades right now, and loved the Sandman one shot)
Batman: White Knight
Batman: Curse of the White Knight

You probably have a few characters you like
So pick and choose from this list

This is my complete list for New DC Readers.

Together it gives you a familiarity with most characters in the DC Universe on a basic level.

It is by Year and Title and decribes each arc.

Two lists:

Older single Issue Classic titles, including O’Neil and Adams

Then Silver Age and Later List

Julie Schwartz said to Denny O Neil once, “Every Comic Book is the first issue for some reader.”

Back in the 1960s, a comic book story that went beyond one issue was rare and many comic books contained more than one story.

Yet these comic books were relatively easy to understand in standalone issues.

Nowadays stories take more than one issue. And routinely some understanding of what happened before to this character is required to understand the issue.

We now have more than 23,000 comic book,

How can a reader new to DC navigate through the library to find the best story arcs and coverage of most major characters?

This guide may help.

First is a listing of 13 historic comic book issues that are still readable today and give a reader of what comic books were like in the beginning.

You can safely skip all these issues if you want and go to the next list.

13 Historical Golden Silver and Bronze Age Comic Book Issues.

00 1938 Action Comic 1 Reprinted in Superman 1 below. First Appearance of Superman

01 1939 Detective Comics 27 First Appearance of Batman. See 1979 Detective Comics 471 to 476 by Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rogers and 1987 Batman Year One by Frank Miller on next list below

02 1939 Superman 1. Reprints the earliest Action Comics Issues containing Superman. See 1986 Man of Steel by John Byrne and 2015 Superman Lois and Clark

03 1940 Detective Comics 38 First Appearance of Robin with Batman.

04 1940 Batman 1 First Appearance of Joker and Catwoman

05 1941 All Star Comics 8. First Appearance of Wonder Woman. Skip the dated Justice Society stories and go to the back of the issue for the first Wonder Woman Story. See 1987 Wonder Woman by Perez and 2016 Wonder Woman Year One by Rucka Scott

06 1941 Sensation Comic 1 continues story from All Star 8.

07 1942 Wonder Woman 1

08 1956 Showcase 4 First Appearance of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash. See Flash 123 for Short Origin

09 1958 Adventure Comics 247 First Appearance of the three founders of the Legion of Super Heroes, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, with Superboy. See 1994 Zero issues in Legion of Super Heroes and Legionaires for Origin without Superboy

10 1959 Action Comics 252 First Appearance of Supergirl. See 1996 Supergirl 75 to 80 by Peter David

11 1970 Comic Book Green Lantern Green Arrow 76 O’Neill Adams

12 1971 Comic Book Batman 232 “Daughter of the Demon” writer Denny O’ Neil and artist Neal Adams redefined the Batman from the campy figure in the 1966 Batman TV series into a dread avenger of the night. This story is one of the high points of their legendary run.

The next list is Recommendations for Best DC Stories

Comics must be in DC Library

The only exception is a Vertigo Title with Death as the main character.

Stories are relatively short arcs of consecutive issues, which means leaving out any ‘Done in One’ stories including Batman stories by O Neil and Adams. Exception is Anatomy Lesson by Alan Moore.

Very few Year One and Origin stories, which can be found elsewhere easily

Recommendations for Best DC Stories

01 1960 Brave and the Bold 30. Best of the early Justice League of America stories and Last tryout of the JLA before receiving their own book. Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman Cameos by Superman and Batman. First comic book I ever read. By Gardner Fox

02 1961 Brave and the Bold 34 36 42 43 44 Hawkman by Schwartz Fox Kubert. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are married police officers from the planet Thanagar

03 1961 Flash 123, 129, 137 and Justice League of America 21 22
Introduced Earth 2 where the original 1940s Golden Age Flash and the Justice Society of America live.
Introduced the concept of parallel worlds and the Multiverse which existed until Crisis of infinite Earths in 1985.

04 1972 Swamp Thing by Wein and Wrightson

05 1974 Adventure Comics 431 to 440 The Spectre. Superhero as horror comic. Writer/Artist Mike Fleisher/Jim Aparo. Editor Joe Orlando, Read 1992 Spectre by Ostrander and Mandrake for a more nuanced viewpoint

06 1976 All Star Comics 58 on. Revival of Justice Society of America on Earth 2 Introduces Power Girl. By Conway Wood.

07 1979 Detective Comics 471 to 476 Batman by Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rogers

08 1980 New Teen Titans By Wolfman and Petez. New characters Cyborg, Raven, Starfire. plus Dick Grayson,. Donma Troy, Wally West and Beast Boy from Doom Patrol.

09 1984 All Star Squadron. Set in World War II on Earth 2 By Roy Thomas

10 1984 Saga of Swamp Thing 21 The Anatomy Lesson by Alan Moore

11 1986 Legends by John Byrne Shows the world after Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Dr Fate, Captain Marvel and Blue Beetle have always existed in the same world as Superman and Batman. FIrst time Darkseid is introduced as a major villain in the DC Universe, outside of Jack Kirby’s New Gods. Wally West in action as the new Flash and the new Suicide Squad has its first mission. Justice League is present as Justice League Detroit, including members Vixen, Vibe, Steel, Gypsy and Firestorm. Dr. Fate organizes The new Superman, Batman, The new Wonder Woman (first appearance), Captain Marvel, Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Beast Boy, Wally West Flash and the Blue Beetle to fight the forces ot Darkseid. Later Martian Manhunter is included. Most of these super heroes become the next Justice League.

12 1986 Man of Steel by John Byrne. Superman now sole survivor of Krypton. Gained powers after decades on Earth. So Supergirl and Superboy never existed. Nowhere near as powerful as previous version.

13 1987 Wonder Woman by Perez. This Diana is new to Man’s world. Not an experienced super hero at all.

14 1987 Batman 404 to 407 Batman Year One by Miller and Mazzucchelli

15 1987 Justice League then Justice League International (JLI) with issue 7 by DeMatteis Griffen. Inital members: Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle (Charlton), Captain Marvel (Fawcett), Doctor Fate (Earth 2), a female Dr. Light, Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle (Jack Kirby Fourth World). The comedic tone was Giffen’s idea, Booster Gold added. Guy Gardner was now a loutish hothead, Booster Gold was greedier and more inept than before, and Captain Marvel displayed a childlike personality. Captain Atom and Rocket Red #7 are added to the team by the United States and Russia respectively. Captain Marvel and Doctor Fate quit the team for personal reasons. Batman steps down as leader, appointing Martian Manhunter to replace him.

16 1987 Suicide Squad from issue 17 on. Villians forced by Amanda Waller to take on risky missions. Issue 23 has First Appearance of Barbara Gordon as Oracle, disabled Computer Whiz. Skip Janus Directive.

17 1993 Death High Cost of Living The Trade includes Death’s First Appearance in Sandman 8, 1991, Sound of Her Wings Neil Gaiman
(Sound in Library Rest Not in library, available at Comixology or try Library or buy Graphic Novel trade)

18 1994 in the Zero Hour Crisis issue 61 of Legion of Super Heroes (1989) , two sets of Legionaires gradually fade from existence For LSH fans, issue 61 is both sad and triumphant.
The Legion storyline starts again in a clear entertaining way, with the origin of the LSH by its three founders in two books Legion of Super Heroes and Legionaires. Both titles start with a 0 issues, then alternate LSH 62 then Legionaires 19 then 63, 20, 64 21, 65, 22 etc.

19 1994 Aquaman. In issue 2, Arthur loses a hand, which is replaced with a harpoon. His Long Hair and attitude influenced the Justice League and Aquaman movies decades later. This is the Start of Aquaman as a Bad Ass, No Longer a Joke Hero who could only last an hour outside water, and whose only power was to talk to fish. By Peter David.

20 1996 Supergirl 75 to 80 by Peter David Linda Danvers Matrix Supergirl meets Silver Age Kara Zor el Supergirl

21 1997 JLA the Original Big Seven return (Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern and Wally West as Flash) with epic plots. Grant Morrison.

22 1998 Young Justice Tim Drake Robin, Conner Kent Superboy, Impulse And later Secret, Cassie Sandmark as Wonder Girl, Arrowette. By Peter David

23 2000 Planetary Warren Ellis, John Cassidy The book’s primary concern is unearthing the influences that led to the idea of The Superhero as our modern culture now knows it. From Doc Savage to James Bond; the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and The Shadow, Tarzan, noir Private Eyes and Fu Man Chu; 1950’s Sci-Fi B-Movies, Godzilla and Hong Kong action flicks; Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern; early Marvel comics, and more predominately, the work of Jack Kirby; the reinventive, post-modern 1980’s DC comics work from English writers like Moore, Grant Morrision, Peter Milligan and company; all the way back to 19th century superhero precursors like Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and Frankenstein. Ellis and Cassaday leave no stone unturned when it comes to excavating the heart of the superhuman myth as it existed in the 20th Century and continues to exist to this day.

24 2002 Global Frequency. For Mature Adults. Mission Impossible type stories with mostly new characters each issue Warren Ellis

25 2002 Hawkman. Hawkman and Hawkgirl now have their original 1940s origin of being reincarnated lovers throughout all of history. This Hawkgirl is in her 20s and has no memory of their past lives together. By Geoff Johns

26 2003 Teen Titans Young Justice, mentored by New Teen Titans. Geoff Johns

27 2004 DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. Set in late 50s and early 60s. Golden Age Superman Batman and Wonder Woman and Origins of Silver Age Age Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter plus Flash at start of his career. Restart with second issue if can’t get into first issue. Also there is an extra one shot issue which is very good.

28 2004 Birds of Prey issue 56 on. Black Canary and Barbara Gordon as Oracle work as a team. Later Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) and Lady Blackhawk, displaced from the 1940s, are added to team. Gail Simone.

29 2005 Villains United Limited Series by Gail Simone. Later Secret Six series, starring Catman and Deadshot

30 2006 A new Blue Beetle starts as Jamie Rayes, a teenage Hispanic character has an intelligent Scarab involuntarily inserted into his back, which gives him incomplete control of his new super powers.

31 2006 Shadowpact by Bill Willingham. Nightmaster, Ragman, Nightshade, Blue Devil, Enchantress and Detective Chimp.

32 2007 Justice Society. The New Age. Green Lantern Alan Scott, Flash Jay Garrick and Wildcat Ted Grant rebuild with New Members Stargirl, Cyclone, Liberty Belle, Hourman Damage Starman and more. Later Kingdom Come Superman appears.

33 2008 Superman The World of New Krypton by Geoff Johns, James Robinson and Sterling Gates
The city of Kandor now resides near the Fortress of Solitude in the North Pole, populated by 100,000 Kryptonians. Superman attempts to aid the Kryptonians in their assimilation with the rest of the Earth, something very few Kryptonians seem interested in, including the city’s leaders.

34 2009 Batgirl is Stephanie Brown by Byran Miller. Set in time when Bruce Wayme is presumed dead, Dick Grayson is Batman, Damien Wayne is Robin and Barbara Gordon is Oracle. The best of all Batgirl Books.

35 2009 Power Girl by Amanda Conner.

36 2009 Detective Comics 854 to 860. Batwoman Elegy by Rucka and Williams

37 2010 Zatanna by Paul Dini

38 2011 Aquaman by Geoff Johns Movie has some ideas taken from this first arc.

39 2011 Demon Knights. A Magnificent Seven defend village in Medieval Times. Members Etrigan the Demon, Madame Xanadu, Vandal Savage, a trans Shining Knight Amazon Outcast, a Horse Woman and an Arab Inventor. By Paul Cornell

40 2011 Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E, plus the Creature Commandos, the Bride of Frankenstein and Ray Palmer, by Jeff Lemire.

41 2011 Huntress mini series followed in 2012 by series Worlds Finest with Huntress and Power Girl on main Earth. Paul Levitz

42 2013 Earth 2 17 on. New Super heroes from a world ravaged by Darkseid fight back including Thomas Wayne, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Aquawoman and a Zod, by Tom Taylor

43 2015 Superman Lois and Clark. Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, by Tomasi followed by Super Sons.

44 2015 Titans Hunt 1960s Original Teen Titans by Dan Abnett followed by DC Universe Rebirth 1 then Titans Rebirth 2016

45 2016 DC Universe Rebirth 1. Geoff Johns Reboot of Universe to restablish old relatioships and revive legacy characters like Wally West, the Flash for several decades and Kid Flash before that.

46 2016 Wonder Woman Year One. Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Rucka Scott

47 2016 Detective Comics Rebirth Tynion IV. Batman Batwoman Tim Drake Cassandra Cain Stephanine Brown Clayface.

48 2016 Green Lanterns Rebirth Sam Humpries Jessica Cruz Simon Baz are rookie Green Lanterns.

49 2016 Flintstones Satire Mark Russell

50 2017 Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns Dr Manhattan of Watchmen has interfered with the History of the DC Universe, changing events. 1986 Watchmen not available in library, but HBO Max may have the Watchmen Motion Comic available as part of its DC Video Library

51 2018 The Terrifics. Mr Terrific Metamorpho Plastic Man Phantom Girl, by Jeff Lemire

52 2018 Justice League Dark. Wonder Woman Zatanna Swamp Thing Man Bat Detective Chimp By Tynion

53 2018 Hawkman by Robert Venditti. Hawkman reincarnates in Space and Time

54 2018 Justice League Odyssey. Jessica Cruz From Issue 6 on. By Dan Abnett

Coverage of Titles

Aquaman 2
Batman 3
Blue Beetle Jamie 1
‘Dark’ Solo characters 4
‘Dark’ Teams 3
Earth 2 2
Flash JLA 1st Earth 2 1
Gail Simone 2
Hawkman 3
Jessica Cruz 2
Justce League 3
Justice Society 3
Legion of Super Heroes 1
Solo Female Super Heroes 5
Suicide Squad 1
Superman 2
Titans/ Young Justice 4
Vertigo Sandman Death 1
Wonder Woman 2
Warren Ellls 2

Other Titles

Legends by John Bryne
DC New Frontier
DC Universe Rebirth
Doomsday Clock

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It’s nice that we get to help a new fan along the road of wonder and awe. So here are my suggestions:
Action: Satellite-era Justice League of America (Just the yearly JLA/JSA crossovers are more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.)
Team-ups: Brave and The Bold (The team-up book that set the standard.)
Mystery: The Phantom Stranger (Heck, sometimes you had to look hard to find him on the cover of his own book, but his creators–Wein and Aparo–always delivered the chills)
Romance: Beyond the tons of romance comics DC published for decades there are power-couples that deserve your reading attention; Lois and Clark, Carter and Shayera,
Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, Oliver and Dinah, Arthur and Mera, and Ray and Jean (that didn’t end well) to name a few.
Horror: Slam-dunk: Samp Thing!
Science: The Silver Age Adam Strange
Magic/Fantasy: Zatanna, Amethyst, and Dr. Fate
Humor: Justice League International & Europe and everyone’s favorite slacker–Booster Gold.
Classics: That’s a broad spectrum to choose from, but for me, it would have to be Silver Age Flash by Infantino, Fox, and Broome.
Modern: Batman: Year One, Hawkworld (Tim Truman), Man of Steel (John Byrne), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Aquaman (Geoff Johns), and Green Arrow: The Long-Bow Hunters (Mike Grell). Hope this helps!

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Hey, I never noticed that this thread got bumped. Let’s update my recommendations! And I’ll try to do just one per category, just for fun (and to streamline things for anybody reading this).

:muscle:t4:Action: Suicide Squad, original '87 series.
:family_man_man_girl_girl:Team-Ups: Birds of Prey, original '99 series.
:male_detective:t2:Mystery: Batman: The Long Halloween
:rose:Romance: The Flash, Mark Waid run of the '87 series (Start with #62)
:japanese_ogre:Horror: Still haven’t read a ton of horror books. The '88 Doctor Fate miniseries is the only one that springs to mind, and it’s… an experience. “Recommend” might be a strong word but you certainly won’t be bored.
:microscope:Science: In the sense of Science Fiction, try Green Lantern '05. In the sense of series in which science and scientists are prominent, 52 actually springs to mind.
:sparkles:Magic/Fantasy: Wonder Woman, George Perez run starting with #1 of the '87 series.
:joy:Humor: Justice League International from guess which year? I’m surprised how many of my top recommendations are from the initial Post-Crisis lineup.
:books:Classic: '70s Batman and Detective Comics. Kind of hard to separate them since writers would often work on both titles, but we have a lot more issues of 'Tec to choose from.
:iphone:Modern: Detective Comics '16.

injustice for sure, read all of the annuals, or you could go peice by piece, and then google “injustice full movie” after you finish

What are the absolute must-read 52 titles?

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Yay @Rymanlives! Welcome to the DCU! :+1: :grinning:

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Thank you! Love DC!


Cool thank you!


I’m very new to reading comics but I have always loved dc characters through both animated and live-action shows/movies. I want to get up to date with what’s currently happening in the dc comicbook realm but I’m not sure where to start. Here are some of my favorite characters for reference.
Dick Grayson
The flash
Black lightning


Some recommended reads for a few of your preferred characters:

-Batman: His 2011-2016 series, especially issues 1-12. The Court of Owls are the best Batman villains of the modern era and they debut in that series.

-Cyborg: I find his 2016-2018 ongoing series to be his best solo book. Start with Cyborg: Rebirth #1, which then leads into the regular issues of this series.

-Dick Grayson: if you want him as Nightwing, most of his ongoing titles are a good start.

He shed the Nightwing persona in 2014 and became an agent of the spy agency Spyral until 2016 in the ongoing series Grayson (2014-2016). Issues 1-4 constitute the first arc of the series.

-The Flash: the current series that began in 2016 is a good new reader jumping on point, and it introduces a nifty new rogue named Godspeed.

-Superman: his 2016-2018 ongoing series. Start with the Superman: Rebirth #1 one-shot, which will then lead into the regular series. Issues 1-6 make up the first storyarc, “Son of Superman”.

Hopes this helps =)


If you just want to see what’s current (keeping in mind that DCU is 1 year behind publication), you can just pick a Rebirth title and go from there. They’re normally pretty easy to spot in the search results, because they all have a big blue Rebirth banner at the top, but for specifics.

For Batman, it’s simple. There are 2 series that center on him.
Batman (2016-):
Detective Comics (2016-):

For Superman, it’s a little more complicated. Superman (2016-) is over. It leads into Man of Steel (2018-) which is a 6 issue mini series. Man of Steel leads into Superman (2018-) which is the current run. If you just want to see the most current stuff, I’d just read Man of Steel then pick up Superman (2018-) and go from there. There’s also Action Comics, which is just another super book.
Superman (2016-):
Man of Steel (2018-):
Superman (2018-):
Action Comics (2016-):

Nighwing, Flash, and Cyborg are simple. Cyborg’s series is over though.
Nightwing (2016-):
Cyborg (2016-):
The Flash (2016-):

Black Lightning a little more difficult. Neither has an ongoing series. Black Lightning is in a book that’s no on DCU yet (Batman & the Outsiders). He had a miniseries called Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands, which was good, though very focused on racial tensions with police. Some people find that too political, I enjoyed it.

Can’t say I know much about Aqualad.

There are also tons of other books you could read. A lot of standalone stories. Too many to list, honestly, but some pretty standard recommendations are All-Star Superman, Flashpoint, Superman Red Son, Batman Hush, Batman (2011-) [the entire series is great], Kingdom Come, Grayson (2014-) [again, entire series is fun, though probably confusing for new readers], Batman Long Halloween, and I could keep going forever.


I usually start on the page furthest to left and continue turning pages until
I finish the book.


My advice is not to limit yourself to recent stuff. DC has a long and rich history to choose from, and some of the bad decisions they’ve made in the last eight years or so have been piling up. Of course, stuff from before a certain point tends to have very clunky writing and less polished inking and coloring, so a new reader might be put off, but if you stick to the late '80s on, you’ll be doing alright on writing, and while the quality of the art depends more on the penciler, you start to see more detail on the coloring sometime in the late '90s.

Some good, beginner-friendly series and stories for the characters you mentioned:

Batman: This is my strongsuit, so I have a few different ways you could approach it.
-It has some detractors, but Batman: Hush (1941 Batman series, starting somewhere around issue 612 from 2004) is a really solid, self-contained sort of “tour” of the supporting cast and rogues gallery and while the mystery isn’t super difficult, there are some good twists to it.
-If you want a longer sequence of stories that’ll introduce you to other series and Bat-Family members, you can go crossover-hopping through the timeline with Year One, The Killing Joke, A Death in the Family, Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend, Prodigal, Troika, Contagion, Legacy, Cataclysm/Aftershock/No Man’s Land, Officer Down, Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Hush, War Games, Under the Hood, and RIP.
-Finally, you could also look into the prequel stories that address Batman’s early years: Year One, Year Two, Year Three, most of the early arcs of Legends of the Dark Knight, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Robin: Year One, Batgirl: Year One, Nightwing: Year One, and Catwoman: When in Rome.

Nightwing: The 1996 series is fantastic up until issue #80 or so. When you get there, do yourself a favor and stop. Also look into the 1998 Titans series.

The Flash: Try starting around issue #62 of the 1987 series. Mark Waid’s run created most of the franchise’s lore, and the guy’s plots are genius.

Aqualad: Can’t really help you here. Maybe the Young Justice comics (not the '98 series, the 2012 tie-in for the cartoon; the '98 series is great, it’s just not related to the cartoon in the slightest and doesn’t have Aqualad)?

Black Lightning: I honestly don’t know much about him. I can’t help much here, unfortunately.

Superman: Superman’s history and continuity aren’t my strong suit either, but the 1986 miniseries “The Man of Steel” is quite good.

Cyborg: His history got kind of complicated at a certain point, but I’d say try either New Teen Titans starting in 1980 (introduced the character, but the dialogue and narration are kind of painful for most of the run) or Geoff Johns’ 2003 Teen Titans (which I haven’t read but people seem to like).


For the modern Aqualad, his first appearance in the mainline DCU was in Brightest Day #10.

There’s also the comic based on the Young Justice TV series. It obviously features Aqualad to a very heavy degree.

Going back to the mainline DCU, Aqualad joined the Teen Titans in their current series in issue #6. The volume two collection is titled “The Rise of Aqualad”.

The Hush arc of Batman is also another great jumping on point for Batman. It’s in the Batman series that ran from 1940-2011, issues 608-619.

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@BatWatch That was my tactict then someone handed me a Manga and blew away everything I thought I knew about how to read a comic.