Marvel Vs. DC based on TV and Movie Release Calendars

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about Marvel Vs. DC Post Comic Con being so negative about DC saying it doesn’t have the content SO let’s look at what is coming out and decide



Batman Hush



Birds of Prey and the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman 1984
Superman: Red Son
Justice League: Dark 2
Superman: For Tomorrow

Black Widow
Venom 2

The Batman
The Suicide Squad

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
Thor: Love and Thunder

Aquaman 2


Rumored/ In Development
Unknown release dates

Black Adam
The Flash
Justice League Dark
Justice League 2
Green Lantern
Man of Steel 2
Booster Gold
Gotham City Sirens
Harley Quinn vs. The Joker
Leto Joker Film
Blue Beetle
Plastic Man
Wonder Woman 1984 Sequel
The Trench
Shazam Sequel
New Gods
(Many are likely dead in the water)

Black Panther 2
Guardians 3
Captain Marvel 2
Fantastic 4
Kraven the Hunter
The Sinister Six
Silver Sable and Black Cat



Arrow Season 8
Supergirl Season 5
Flash Season 6
Batwoman Season 1
Black Lightning Season 3
Titans Season 2
Pennyworth Season 1
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series
Krypton Season 2

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6
Legion Season 3
Runaways Season 3


Supergirl Season 5
Flash Season 6
Batwoman Season 1
Black Lightning Season 3
Stargirl Season 1
Doom Patrol Season 2
Young Justice Season 4


Lobo Season 1
Krypton Season 3
Flash Season 7
Batwoman Season 2
Supergirl Season 6
Titans Season 3
Black Lightning Season 2
Deathstroke Animated

Ultimate Spider-man Season 3
Winter Soldier and Falcon

Runaways Season 3
Ghost Rider Season 1
Helstrom Season 1
Howard the Duck
Tigra and Dazzler

Krypton Season 4 (Based on a 5 year plan for the series)
Flash Season 7
Batwoman Season 2
Supergirl Season 6
Titans Season 3
Black Lightning Season 2

What If

So you tell me, which company is winning!!!

Remember TV is unclear because it is on a more renew based schedule. The Arrowverse is in a toss up as rumours have it that the universe is resetting in some capacity. (Superman TV show is rumoured to replace Supergirl for example) Marvel’s show are also unique in that most of them DON’T have plans for renewal but are more like extended movies released weekly.

On Movies, many of the movies that are rumoured are likely dead in the water. However on DC’s end, a large number of them are likely coming albeit not with its current plans. Although DC is generally releasing three animated movies a year. Marvel’s rumoured shows ARE happening however, Sony’s bunch are in a similar status to DC.

Based on sheer numbers

DC: 9-38
Marvel: 7-18

TV: Each season counts individually
DC: 10-19
Marvel: 8-15

(Your friendly neighborhood reporter)

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Lessee, you missed:
DC Movies, 2019: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
DC Movies, 2019: The Kitchen
DC Animation, 2019: Showcase Shorts
DC TV, 2019: iZombie (ending soon)
DC TV, 2019: Preacher Season 4
DC TV, 2019: Watchmen
DC TV, 2020: Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

Marvel TV, 2020 (likely) Cloak & Dagger Season 3

… and I’ve probably forgotten a few too!

But I must agree with the premise of your thread: we do live in a golden age, especially for DC stuff… :relieved:


Thank you!! Cloak hasn’t been renewed yet and I don’t know if it will be! Also I wrote and went through SO MUCH STUFF. I’m just happy with what I got…

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Also Lucifer 2020


Yes, Lucifer! I knew I was missing something.

Also, greenlit but without a firm date: DC’s Sandman on Netflix.

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OMG… Marvel needs to Step it up!!! Hahah. They are doing good too… Just DC is separate but more. marvel is connected but fewer

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Regardless of which company is putting out more movies or TV shows, it’s a good time to be a superhero fan. So much content being released over the next few years, so much media to consume. Honestly, it’s hard to get bored with all these things lined up.


Yes it’s very true. I like DC more then Marvel. But I love them both.

I do know that avengers endgame is now the highest grossing movie of all time. (For now.) Lol.

And just on that film alone marvel studios made over a billion dollars. If you take that into consideration when it comes to making movies, then marvel is way in the lead. Money wise and opportunity wise. They have enough money that they could make 5 more amazing films just from that one movie alone.

I can’t wait until some big wig comes in with a 10 year plan and a billion dollars or more to finance the plan. Then as long as they have good stories with great actors and great directors, they could surpass Marvel easily. At least in my opinion. What do you think?

Oh there is also avengers assemble for animated TV series. I’m almost finished with season 3 of 5. And they should release season 6 in September or October.

But DC universe is my favorite so far. Just wish they had every DC movie and show on here. Like all 10 seasons of smallville. That’s my favorite TV show. Although Titans, Doom, patrol, and swamp thing are close 2nds. They may even surpass smallville once they have a few seasons done.

Have a great weekend everyone. And be a Hero like your favorite Hero. Help others! Even a smile can sometimes save somebody’s life. :slight_smile:

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2019 was definitely Marvels year
2020 looks to belong to DC
2021 Marvel wins again
2022 DC so far


DC all the way. DC are owning the TV-verse without any close competition.

2021 looks to be Marvel’s big break!

In terms of TV

What are you using to measure, as in the past DC is out producing in animated and TV but is almost irrelevant in feature films. They have a huge inventory of major heroes that would either blow away the MCU or be on par with them. The fears of what AT&T expects should be dissipating and it’s time to get their act together.

I’m just giving the facts about production plans. Even the live action stuff is neck to neck in terms of Quantity. It’s hard to argue that Marvel is a better quality for Movies

Dc animated is on another level

Is there an updated timeline for the DC streaming service and releasing tv shows? What’s next after swamp thing? The original timeline they posted has changed. I believe Stargirl got pushed way back.

Swamp Thing
Young Justice (Ends after Swamp Thing)
Shazam! Documentary
Batman Hush
Batman Beyond Season 1 Remaster
Titans Season 2 -Sept. 6th
Harley Quinn TAS (Nov or Dec)

Nice info but why not enjoy comics as a whole?

This report was strictly about TV and Movies. Comics are harder to measure based on release calendars and take WAY more work to gather the info. Marvel and DC also have two different business models. Whereas DC shrunk their titles to 22 main titles with various imprints in 2019 and expanded out which results in around 40 titles a month. Marvel’s strategy is more comics equals more money. With an average of 80-90 titles a month. However DC’s Comics are generally more polished and united from a universe perspective than DC’s. DC gets higher reviews per title but has fewer titles.

Simply put, that wasn’t the goal of this report.