Marvel Unlimited vs DC Universe

I know, I know, the 2 services are not exactly the same. My question is, what format do you like better? The advantage of Marvel Unlimited is they have almost every comic Marvel has published, and comics as new as 6 months. However it is all they have. DC Universe on the other hand has a decent selection of comics, but nowhere near everthing. However they have shows and movies, as well as original content. Plus it is more interactive with these forums and DC Daily.
I personally love both and use them alot, but I have to give the
nod to DC Universe


I’m subscribed to both, and I like both.

However I do notice that over the past couple of months, I spend almost all my time here.

At this early point in Marvel Unlimited, they DID NOT have this many comics. It’s been building for a decade.


I’m greedy when it comes to comics. I’ve been begging DC to release an archival subscription service for years, and was pretty miffed when Marvel beat them to it. So a comic library will always be the most important thing to me, but I do appreciate this community.


I love Marvel Unlimited, but I have read most of the things I really wanted to read there. I was about to cancel but the recent update was great.

@MisfitHighlander, raises a good point. at this point MU didn’t have anywhere near as much content and was basically broken. It took Unlimited five years to get to where it is today. DC may not have a vast library, but at only five months old, it offers so much more than MU did and is promising more in the coming months.

Personally, I’m a DC fan all the way, so this service is perfect for me. Marvel never really vibed with me. If I ever wanted to educate myself on Marvel, it’s nice to know that MU is there, but I love DC too much and Marvel has never interested me beyond the movies, and a few games.


Don’t have much time to read so dc beats marvel unlimited for me

“You serious Clark?” J/K.

DCU all the way.

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That is an excellent point about Marvel not having the selection when they first started out.

DCU easily. I’ve had MU on and off over the years. It never sticks,but I doubt I’ll ever cancel DCU.

As things are right now, Marvel Unlimited is better for me. I prefer having a massive reading library. However, if DC Universe comics library continues to grow the way that it has been, I’ll like it more.

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Even though I’ve never had Marvel Unlimited I know all about it’s huge selection. My biggest problem with Marvel Unlimited is that since it doesn’t have an app for the Roku or other streaming devices it seems primitive compared to DC Universe. The biggest problem the DC Universe is they are removing comic books it seems so they will never build up a vast library because of that. For example in December they had 12 Adventure Comics listed and now they have none. I’m almost positive at one time they had Batman #121 the first Mr. Freeze or Mr. Zero as he was called and now it’s nowhere to be found. Also Batman #27, #426 - #429 just to name some. I suspect there’s more than that that was once there that is no longer there also. Until DC stops removing comics when they add more it will never reach it’s full potential.

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No love for Comixology!?

Has all publishers, tons of sale every week, unlimited borrows are plenty, and I like their panel to panel reading system.

If I had to pick MU vs. DCU, I will pick DCU by a hair because I am more of a DC fan.


Love Comixology!


I have this service, MU and CU (comixology unlimited), they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I love that MU has all of Marvels catalog in one place, the only issue i have with the MU service is that Marvel doesn’t have really good stories compared to other publishers. I keep trying to read their most popular stuff and it just doesn’t hold up like DC or Valiant. That is my opinion though.

CU is the best to me. They have multiple publishers and they just added a BUNCH of DC content. Plus their reader is one of the best out there.

However, if it was just MU vs. DCU I would have to pick DCU. MU has a lot of technical app issues that they should have sorted out by now. I dont think Marvel Values that service as much as DC values this service. Also, DCU has potential to be way better than MU buy a long shot. There is way more content here than MU. DCU just needs to keep adding valuable story arcs and events and they will be fine.


In terms of selection Marvel Unlimited is hands down the best digital comics service out there… If you like Marvel Comics. If not its sort of a mixed bag. While its fairly easy to search I think the comics reader is the worst one out there.

Right behind Marvel is Shonen Jump. They cost the least and put all new stuff up on the day of release in Japan and have a pretty complete archive of past series. There reader is fairly bare bones though and they have probably the smallest selection of available series.

After that I’d say DC Universe and Comixology Unlimited are tied. DC Universe has a slight edge when it comes to presenting complete series/creative runs as opposed to a few teaser issues but Comixology has a better interface andmore diversity of selection.

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I’ve had all three, Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe and Comixology Unlimited. I currently have CU and DCU, but I’m still up in the air as to whether I will keep DCU after my year is up.

MU and CU are specifically for digital comics and ONLY digital comics. They are both very similar and both good, but definite win goes to Comixology for having EVERYTHING digital comic book in one place; a HUGE selection, a GREAT reader, the ability to buy and own, and even subscriptions options. If you are looking just at digital comics, Comixology is the gold standard, with Marvel a close second. DCU is not even close. With the small selection, too frequent rotation, glitchy reader and limited platform availability this is not a great digital comics service.

However, DCU is not just a comics service. DCU is an entirely different type of service that includes digital comics, video content, social networking, and merchandising. It has a little of everything DC offers digital media wise, although it is a rather limited selection of each. It isn’t trying to be all of anything, more like a sampler service to get you hooked on everything so you’ll buy more. It is an OK service for what it is, but it’ certainly not Netflix and Marvel Unlimited rolled into one. DCU is closer to a paid trial than an all inclusive digital media platform.

I don’t really need the forums on here. There are tons of forums all over for discussion that offer usable features like linkable content, working search functions and the ability to reply. DC Daily holds ZERO interest for me. I’ve tried to watch a few episodes and just was not interested. I am very excited for some of the original shows coming, but there is really very little original content on DCU.

Maybe instead of the little bit of everything, but not much of anything I think I’d rather have two separate DC services: a DC Comix Unlimited like MU or CU for comics and a DC Flix like Netflix for video content. Or go all in and actually include ALL DC content.

Either way Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe are different kinds of services and can’t really be compared well, but all have some good features.

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You don’t need the Community section yet here you are. :thinking:

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@rex.mason I’m not saying I don’t use it. I’m just saying there are other options out there, many of which work better, so I do not feel the Community section in it’s current state is a worthwhile selling point. I don’t mind having it here, but certainly would not miss it if it wasn’t here.

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