MARVEL keeps winning

Now that Swamp Thing season 1 is over, and Far From Home exceded $1BILLIONS, WHEN can DC fans watch a GOOD STORY-TELLING in an extended universe???


Well they won’t find it in Marvel, I can tell you that much. :stuck_out_tongue: In all seriousness, the ability to make a ton of money does not a good story make.


Well I agree that the MCU movies are usually great, and the DCEU movies are usually not… but what does this have to do with Swamp Thing?


Pay no attention to the OP, everyone. It’s just someone who wants to stir up controversy. This person probably wrote this, gave themselves a nice pat on the back and we’ll never see them again (if we’re lucky)


Disney figured out a long time ago how to sell garbage to the masses, now days they’re wrapping it in a MCU package.


You can’t compare apples and oranges. When Marvel releases their shows on Disney+ it will be comparable to DC Universe, but even then it would be hard to measure competition strictly by DC vs Marvel since Disney+ will have so much more than just their Marvel properties. I love both Marvel and DC, each have their strengths. I think DC Universe is still in the process of tapping their full potential, but it is not the same as feature film productions.


@BrightKnuggt People tend to like good things and dislike bad things. If the majority of people like something, it is typically a good thing.

Although my comment is probably feeding into the rage OP wanted. So never mind.


Superby1 keep living in your denial😂, I’m a DC Comics fan waiting for at least season 2 of Swamp Thing

One is a blockbuster movie staring one of Marvel’s premiere heroes launched to the world after 10 years of building a cinematic universe, while the other is a TV show on a niche streaming and comic book service about a lesser known monster hero. They shouldn’t be expected to compare. Even when Disney+ launches, the marvel shows are riding off the very successful movies and will have a different format - I think some are only six episodes - so they will be hard to directly compare to the original series here in terms of monetary success.

Also, people go to the movies for various reasons. Some don’t want to miss a piece of the giant story spanning a universe/franchise. Some like explosive action. Some like deep character dives. Some like cinematography. Some like comedy. Some like drama. Some like horror. Some want a thrill. Some want to ponder the meaning of life expressed through various art forms. Marvel movies are a juggernaut and have built up a lot of faith with audiences around the world. Unfortunately, DC doesn’t have the same reputation across the last decade and it will take time and effort to lose the reputation they do seem to have.


D+ is going to be a family friendly, G-PG streaming service that won’t have comic books. Fans that want anything other than warmed over pablum will have to have a Hulu membership as that’s where the grown up stuff is headed, and you will still have to have a Marvel Unlimited comics membership for comics.

The DCU isn’t trying to compete with D+, that’s what HBO Max is for. The DCU is it’s own thing, and there is nothing else like anywhere.

The Mouse better hope people keep going to MCU movies, as theme park attendance is down, Galaxy’s edge is a flop and they have no clue what to do with Star Wars. On top of all of this, they are losing billions of dollars on the D+ start up, and don’t plan on breaking even for 5-6 years.


There is nothing contreversial about someone complementing Marvel we ALL seen the movies we are all comicbook fans. DC fans have a right to voice their opinions, on Warner Bros specatucal fail of planning their DC Films. DC SHOULD have done it but Green Lantern/Zack too Much Power/and Suicide Squad JL was just not good. Silver ligning is Wonder Woman/ Harley and Jason Momoa :+1:

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I struggle a little bit with the whole DC vs Marvel thing. Why do people care so much about the “rivalry”? I like DC…the
movies, comics, tv shows, collectibles, etc…there all there for me to enjoy. That’s true whether Marvel is on top commercially or not. I don’t need DC to be the number one dog to enjoy what they have to offer. At the same time I have enjoyed most, but not all, the Marvel movies.

If the tables were turned and DC was in Marvel’s position, I wouldn’t feel the need to point it out, either. At the end of the day, either company’s success is about their shareholders’ bottom line, not mine. It’s almost like some fans feel the need to justify what they like based on popularity. I don’t really look at it that way. I watch & read what I like…sometimes it agrees with popular opinion and critical/financial success…sometimes it doesn’t.

The competition for people’s wallets in my opinion, should only help the end product over time.


Correction: comic fans are winning

It’s the golden age of superheroes entertainment. How can anyone lose?

Look at The Boys on Amazon Prime. Getting highly praise. Pennyworth nobody asks for, is actually good.

Get that DC vs Marvel out of here!!! Every superheroes are getting their shine.


@E-Dot, you are a shining example of how fans should be these days! I never would’ve thought we’d get so much superhero content when I was little. This is the dream! We should be celebrating and enjoying this, not wasting our time arguing over a rivalry that isn’t important.