Marvel and DC

Just a random question, does anyone else think the Marvel Vs DC fanboy stuff is really stupid and love them both equally like me?


Both Marvel and DC are arms of soulless gigantuan almost incomprehensible international corporations, BOTH PROBABLY IN THE ILLUMANATI, along with most long-term presidential aspirants, that will command almost any fan-numbing action in the name of pleasing their largest shareholders for a day; where we win is that they are both forced to hire and enslave some highly-talented writers and artists (and mods) who, at times, like fireflies on an all too-brief summer night, create a moment’s curio of art for us to behold before it is cancelled in a cruel winter of profit-seeking…




Bubble bubble toil and trouble

I think being aggressive towards one or the other is uncalled for, but I definitely prefer DC. I favor them. I liken it to food. We all have favorite foods. We will favor one above all, but it doesn’t mean we don’t like something else a great deal as well. It’s the aggressive nature of some people who prefer one to another that is stupid🍀

I’m more of a DC fan but I like Marvel stuff. The back and forth is super ridiculous. It’s all art. We should all be able to enjoy both.


I like both, DC has things I Like that Marvel doesnt have, for example GLC and the mythos behind, the flash, shazam, Batman. If we look at Marvel they have Spider-Man, Xmen, BlacK Panther, Hulk.

There have been times where I binge on DC for month because the story was great and was checking all the boxes, when Marvel wasnt. And vice versa.

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One thing that adds to the aggressiveness is the films. The MCu films are doing even though they use the same formula, but you look at DC they just get shitted on, with the exception of WW and Aquaman

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I’m just not a Marvel fan. I loved the 90s Xmen cartoon but I’ve always been a DC kid, from my first memory. I think the bickering and who’s better nonsense is funny, I got a “F**k Marvel” hoodie awhile back I seen online just to make Marvel fanboys get their panties in a bunch but I buy Spiderman and Xmen for my son. My lil cousin loves Hulk and Spiderman. I do like Deadpool, well the movies and the games. I have some comic knowledge of him. I just connect with DC more. That being said I went and met Stan Lee last year and got a photo and his autograph lol. My son was starstruck


Right on. A good story and good art are good whether it’s DC Marvel or Idw or Image. A lot of the artists and writers we love at DC work for other as well in many cases.

Scott Snyder (Batman, Dark Metal) is cooking up a new series for this Fall with Charles Soule (Superman / Wonder Woman but also Daredevil at Marvel etc), creator-owned “about America.”

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