Marvel Adjectives for DC Heroes

“The Amazing Spider-Man.” “The Incredible Hulk.” “The Uncanny X-Men.” One of the most recognizable traits of Marvel Comics is how they apply unique, descriptive adjectives to their teams and heroes. My question today is: if DC had adopted this practice, what adjectives would be used in their characters’ comic titles?

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The Sensational Wonder Woman?


Perfect! The Sensation Comics nod is brilliant.


Terrific Titans, Daring Doom Patrol, Legendary Legion of Superheroes, Bad Bane, HAHA Harley Quinn, Putrid Poison Ivy, Vandal Save the Conqueror, Darkseid the Conqueror, Vicious League of Assassins

This reminds me of nicknames like: The Big Cheese, Dark Knight, Last Son of Krypton, Emerald Archer, Scarlette Speedster, Dynamic Duo, Man of Tomorrow, Man of Steel, Deathstroke the Terminator

There’s also Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew